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Find Cheap Flights in September

Are you ready to book your next trip? Now is the best time to book your next flight. We pull cheap flights in September for our readers. If you're looking to travel any other time, check out our Best Time to Book article.


What better way to start off the new year than with a trip to a new destination? We’ve pulled some of the best cheap flights in September to start 2019 on the right foot! Don’t find a flight you like below? Check out our daily flight deals and how to find flight deals articles for more amazing trip ideas. 

Top Cheap Flights in September

Departure CityDestinationRound-Trip Fare
Los AngelesAustin$183
Los AngelesHonolulu$431
MiamiLas Vegas$181
New York CityChicago$133
New York CityMilan$433

*These prices were valid as of September 22, 2019, and may not always be available. 

How to find cheap flights in September?

  • Be adventurous. Look for a deal rather than a destination.
  • Be a travel hacker. Travel during “unpopular” times – early morning, late evening.
  • Be an explorer. Consider departing outside of your regular airport.
  • Be a bargain hunter. Look at long layovers as a bonus destination.
  • Be a fool for tools. Use Skyscanner’s Everywhere Search & sign-up for Price Alerts.

Using Skyscanner to Find Cheap Flights in September:

It’s easy to use Skyscanner to find cheap flights in September. Here’s how you do it on your computer in 3 easy steps:

  1. Type in your origin and destination locations
  2. For your departure and return dates, select “Whole Month” and then “September”
  3. When you tap Search, Skyscanner shows you prices by day, so you view flight options based on the cheapest days to fly.

Here’s how you do it in the Skyscanner app:

  1. Tap the Flights icon on the main screen
  2. Type in your origin and destination locations
  3. View September price options in Calendar (color-coded dots) or Chart (bars of varying heights). Then just select your dates to view flight options based on the cheapest days to fly.

If you want to watch airfare for a few days, go ahead and set a price alert in Skyscanner. We will notify you the moment there’s a fluctuation in price so you can take advantage of the best flight deals in September.

Top destinations to visit in September

San Juan, Puerto Rico – There are three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, but the brightest is off the coast of Vieques Island. It is known fondly by tourists as Mosquito Bay. The bioluminescence is caused by microorganisms that glow in a blue-green color when disturbed. These microorganisms are present in a high enough concentration in this bay to create a visible glow for visitors, which is a rare sight.

Bangor, Maine – To truly see the Milky Way, you need to escape the light pollution of cities and towns. The Acadia Night Sky Festival offers just the opportunity. This festival celebrates “the starlit skies of Downeast Maine” and draws amateur and professional astronomers to attend workshops, speaking sessions and hands-on experiences during the day, and to stargaze at night.

Denver, Colorado – Fly into Denver, but then head southwest to Breckenridge for the annual Breckenridge Wine Classic or Breckenridge Oktoberfest (if you stay long enough, you can attend both!). The weather is beautiful this time of year, making these outdoor experiences even more enjoyable.

Skyscanner Price Alerts

Travel research and data can point to the cheapest days to fly and help you identify when plane tickets will be available at the lowest prices. The easiest way to monitor changes in prices is by setting up a free Skyscanner Price Alert.

When you have entered the detail of routes you are interested in then you will be immediately sent an email to let you know when the price changes on your chosen flight. Skyscanner constantly monitors price changes to give you the most up-to-date information. When you find the best time to book a flight, let Skyscanner help you start your next travel journey.

Cheap flights in September at your fingertips

Want to browse flights while you’re in line at the store, riding in a cab or waiting for a friend at a restaurant? Cheap flights in September are at your fingertips when you use the Skyscanner app. When you do a search, we connect you with hundreds of partners so you’ll always get the lowest price.

Another feature of the Skyscanner app that you’re sure to enjoy is the “Explore” function. Just put in your preferred dates or select the entire month, and we’ll find the best deals for you.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Search Skyscanner to find other cheap flights in September:

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