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Find the Cheapest Time to Fly to Paris in 2019

Skyscanner has analyzed booking data from 2018 to estimate price trends in 2019. Read on to find out what month we recommend to book your flights and when to travel to Paris.

Cheapest Month to Travel to Paris

  • Skyscanner estimates November and October to be the cheapest months to fly to Paris in 2019
  • Avoid traveling in June and July, where flight prices can be up to 26% more expensive than the average yearly ticket price
Cheapest month to fly to Paris

Want to visit the City of Lights? Do it in October & November! Our historical data shows that flights are 16% cheaper for trips made in November versus the yearly average price. You’ll pay less for tours and accommodations, and your options will be more plentiful. You’ll save on flights and find great deals on clothes, electronics and everything in-between. Check out this article for other fun things to do in Paris.

Fly to Paris

Best Time to Book Flights to Paris

  • December is the cheapest month to book your flights to Paris with savings up to 12% compared to the average yearly ticket price
  • June is the most expensive month to book your flights to Paris, with prices 18% more than the average ticket price
Book in the winter months to maximize savings for your Paris trip

You’ll almost always get the best fare through budget carriers like Norwegian Air and WOW Air, but if you don’t live near an airport they fly out of or aren’t keen on budget carriers, then timing low prices is your best bet. 

Travel to Paris
Fly to Paris on a budget

Things to Remember about Booking Flights to Paris

-Best time to book flights to Paris is 15 weeks in advance
-If you aren’t ready to plan a trip so far in advance, we recommend booking 7 weeks out, when tickets are nearly 16% cheaper than the yearly average
-The best month to fly to Paris is in January when tickets are 29% cheaper than the yearly average price
-Fly into any of these nearby airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG), Paris Orly airport (ORY) and Paris-Beauvais airport (BVA)
-Use Skyscanner Price Alerts to track flight prices automatically

There are key steps you can take to find the best time to book and increase your chances of securing the cheapest prices on air travel. These steps include using our Best Time to Book Flights to Paris recommendations, Cheapest Month Search feature and setting up Price Alerts.

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