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Cheap New Years Flights & When to Book in 2019

Want to ring in the New Year somewhere fun and exciting without blowing your budget? You can, thanks to these top tips for finding cheap New Year's flights. Where will you ring in 2020?

Whether you are looking to party with thousands, or just spend time with a few loved ones, New Years is a time to celebrate. So make the start of next year something to remember by visiting somewhere new or flying home to friends and family. We’re sharing how to find cheap New Years flights so you can celebrate a new year without breaking your wallet.

Remember, to help ensure you get the best deals and cheapest New Year’s flights you should:

  • Set up a price alert to receive notifications when the price rises and falls
  • Add nearby airports for your origin and destination to make sure you get the best deal
  • Select whole month to see if there are cheaper days to depart and return
  • Not sure where to go? Search everywhere to find inspiration.

What is the Best Month to Book Cheap New Years Flights?

According to Skyscanner’s 2017 data, the best time to book New Years flights is in November. Flights booked during the month of November show an average flight cost of $413.80 which is a savings of 8% compared to New Years flights booked during other months of the year.

What is the Best Week to Book Cheap New Years Flights?

Our 2017 data shows that by booking your New Years flight 14-3 weeks in advance you are more likely to save money than by booking outside these time periods. The highest overall savings are found with flights booked 12 weeks out, with an average of 12% in savings off the normal flight costs.

What are the Top Destinations for Celebrating New Years?

Based on Skyscanner’s data for New Years 2018, the top destinations for celebrating New Years are a good mix of both domestic and international cities. Here are some of the top picks. 

New York City: With the ball drop in Times Square there is no surprise that NYC is one of the top destinations for celebrating New Years. Just don’t forget to dress warmly! Find cheap New Years flights to NYC.

Miami: If you are looking to escape the cold and head somewhere warm to ring in the New Year then head to Miami where you can soak up the sun and party your way into 2019. Find cheap New Years flights to Miami.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas always promises a good party and New Years is no exception. Head to the strip for the best action. Find cheap New Years flights to Las Vegas.

Los Angeles: If you are hoping for a stylish New Years party then LA is a great pick. Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into your favorite celebrity. Find New Years flights to LA. 

Orlando: Looking for a family friends place to celebrate New Years? Head to Orlando. After all, nobody does fireworks like Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Find New Years flights to Orlando

Cancun, Mexico: Does a beach party in Mexico sounds like the best way to ring in the New Year? Then head to Cancun for sun, sand, and an epic celebration. Find New Years flights to Cancun.

London, UK: London is always a favourite but there is something extra special about going for New Years and seeing the iconic monuments lit up by hundreds of bright fireworks. Find New Years flights to London. 

Toronto, Canada: Toronto is a great choice for anyone who wants to celebrate New Years abroad without having to go too far. Sure, Canadian winters are cold but the celebrations are worth it. Find New Years flights to Toronto. 

Paris, France: If you are celebrating New Years with a loved one then there is no place more romantic then Paris. Tour the city by day and watch is really come alive by night. Find New Years flights to Paris.

Havana, Cuba: Cubans know how to party, so it’s no surprise that Havana makes a great New Years destination. Make sure to bring comfortable footwear, because you’ll be dancing all night long. Find New Years flights to Havana. 

Destinations that Drop in Price for New Years

How much more expensive is New Years than a regular travel time? The table below shows the most popular destinations (by bookings) for New Years and then shows the average flight price for New Years and the week before. It also shows the difference in the percentage of these two prices. The week prior is used as a baseline to show what the markup for the holiday was last year. Note that prices are the average cost per ticket and are shown in USD ($).

Destination Average Price Before New Years Average Price New Years % Markdown
New York $410.56 $402.59 -1.94%
Chicago $423.42 $309.62 -26.88%
Atlanta $348.86 $294.23 -15.66%
San Francisco $366.06 $336.16 -8.17%
Washington $358.54 $330.18 -7.91%
Seattle $410.91 $381.94 -7.05%
Boston $394.13 $325.42 -17.43%
Dallas $299.07 $367.81 -7.83%
Houston $418.20 $393.17 -5.99%
Mexico City, Mexico $622.48 $558.39 -18.18%
Toronto, Canada
$453.26 $376.53 -16.93%

What is the Average Price for New Years Flights?

When it comes to the cost of flights for New Years, there is a huge range in what people are willing to pay. Obviously, the destination factors into the price but based on our 2017 data the average price for New Years flights is $521 round trip. Not bad, considering the significantly higher average price of Christmas flights.

How Far Ahead do People Book New Years Flights?

The average traveller books their New Years flights 53 days in advance. While this does fall in the cheaper time period mentioned above (12-3 weeks in advance), it’s not quite at the optimal week that seems to offer the best deals. If you are looking for a cheap New Years flight, we recommend you book 8 weeks in advance. Not only does booking at this time seem to offer the best deals in terms of finding a cheap New Years flight, but you will also beat the crowds.

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