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Cheap Summer Vacations and Deals to Book in 2018

Find the best cheap summer vacations to book for 2018, trending destinations, and the best summer flight deals.


What is the cheapest day to book a summer flight?

The cheapest day to book a flight for summer is Tuesday. Thursday is the second cheapest.

If you want to get notified when flight prices drop, set up a Price Alert on Skyscanner and we’ll let you know when flights get cheaper to your destination. You can also check out the Best Time to Book Flights from the US for more tips.

Top Cheap Summer Vacation Flight Deals 2018

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Top Trending Domestic Destinations for Summer Travel

  • New York City
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Chicago

1. New York 

Summer in New York City means the weather is perfect to explore the city like a New Yorker: by foot. Central Park is strewn with picnic blankets, the beaches of Long Island are a quick train ride away, and the energy is turned up at Coney Island.

2. Las Vegas

Vegas gets hot in the summer and the sprawling pools of its many hotels and resorts let visitors cool off in style. The world’s biggest DJs blend together a daytime and nighttime soundtrack for Sin City’s guests.

3. Miami

Miami is known for being hot, (in more ways than weather,) and summer is when this city on the water heats up the most. Beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, nightlife and outdoor adventures are all aplenty and worthy of your vacation days.

4. Los Angeles

The weather is perfect for spending all day outside in Los Angeles in the summer– roaming Disneyland, sightseeing in Hollywood, or chilling on Venice Beach.

5. Chicago

Street festivals, music festivals, beer festivals, free concerts, and rooftop bars are among the endless ways you can experience Chicago in the summer. Catch a game at Wrigley Field, dance for days at Lollapalooza Music Festival, or explore the city’s architecture by boat.

Top Trending International Destinations

  • London
  • Paris
  • Cancun
  • Barcelona
  • Dublin

1. London

Head to the home of Big Ben in the summer for beer gardens and bike rides through Hyde Park. Londoners know how to live it up during the warm weather season and London in the summer transforms into a flurry of joyful activity.

2. Paris

A baguette, some cheese, and a blanket near the Eiffel Tower on a sunny day in Paris– who doesn’t want to chill by the Seine in the summer? The weather is perfect for long days spent exploring Notre Dame, Montmartre, and l’Arc de Triomphe.

3. Cancun

Craving Caribbean seas and fish tacos? Cancun is a popular travel spot for lovers of beaches and cold drinks. Is it really even summer if you aren’t drinking a margarita in Mexico anyway? It’s also the perfect playland for families with young kids.

4. Barcelona

Take a break from exploring the city of Barcelona to enjoy some tapas in the sunshine. Barcelona has plenty of coastline nearby, making it the perfect summer escape to get your beach-fix with your city-fix.

5. Dublin

The beauty of Dublin is in its small size and big personality. A few days is plenty of time to get your fill of the city in all its Irish glory: Guinness, Celtic music, and pub meals galore. If you have extra time, you can easily make a day or weekend trip to the stunning Cliffs of Moher and Galway.

Top Summer Vacations With Flight Price Drops:

  • Reykjavik
  • Colorado
  • Tampa
  • Las Vegas
  • Hong Kong

1. Reykjavik

Thanks in large part to budget airlines like WOW air, flight prices to Iceland have dropped 27% in the past year. Fly into Reykjavik to explore the wonderland of waterfalls, black sand beaches, and midnight sun that is Iceland.

2. Denver 

While Denver has become a more popular travel destination in recent years, the flight prices have seen a 19% drop in cost. The rocky mountains and their stunning landscape are summer must-sees.

3. Tampa 

Amusement parks, aquariums, and zoos galore make Tampa a perfect place to take the kids (or your “kid-on-the-inside” self) to have fun this summer.

4. Las Vegas 

When your done cooling off at the hotel pool, take some time to explore the indoor world of Vegas. Exhibitions, architecture, and world-class entertainment are overflowing on the Las Vegas Strip during the summer.

5. Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is packed full of activities. Head out to see the world’s biggest Buddha, ride the world’s longest outdoor escalator, or get brave at the highest commercial bungee jump in the world off the Macau Tower.

Other Cheap Summer Vacations to Book in 2018

1. Fly to Miami for summer vacation

Miami is one of the top of the list for summer vacation in 2018. Not only are there the sunny charms of Miami Beach and the art hangouts of Wynwood to consider, flights to Miami International Airport also bring you close to popular Florida resort locations at Fort Lauderdale or Orlando. Book your trip and stay in one of the glamorous beachside hotel resorts in Miami for summer 2018.

Explore Miami with its infamous nightlife, Art Decor buildings and Latin culture

2. Summer flights to London

Choose a trip to London for the summer and you will find long, sunny nights, outdoor entertainment, royal parks to explore and some of the best restaurants in Europe to dine in. London is home to some remarkable collections in museums and art galleries, with historic buildings around every corner in the center of the city.

With our 48 hour guide to London, you can visit popular summer attractions like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Hyde Park concert series and Trafalgar Square. Flights to London in July 2018 are available from many major American cities. 

Stroll along the Thames River in London, England

3. Fly to Paris

Paris is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and will be another popular destination in summer 2018. Find cheap flights and hotel now to join the American travelers booking vacation in Paris. Top summer sights in Paris include the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Disneyland Paris. Book a short city break or a longer vacation to enjoy the full French experience. Read our Paris travel guide to find out more before you book your flights.

Bike along the Seine and picnic under the Eiffel Tower

4. Book a Cancun summer vacation

Cancun has an excellent reputation as a summer vacation destination for American travelers, complete with comfortable all-inclusive resorts, local entertainment, pristine beaches and a warm climate. Flights to Cancun land at Cancún International Airport located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Our Cancun travel guide can walk you through nightlife, best time to book, and top sights. 

Enjoy sun and fun at resorts across Mexico

5. Fly to Orlando in 2018

Visit Orlando in summer 2018 and arrive in the theme park capital of the world. You’ll have an opportunity to visit Disney’s spectacular attractions and the hugely entertaining Universal Orlando Resort. In addition to the parks, the Orlando area is peppered with family restaurants, lively nightclubs, award-winning golf courses and cultural sites for visitors to explore. 

Have an adrenaline or family filled vacation in Orlando

6. Amsterdam summer vacation

Start planning for summer 2018 and search for flights to the historic European city of Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands there is a charming network of canals and bridges within the city, intriguing museums, impressive art galleries and outdoor squares and cafes. Top attractions include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House, read our Amsterdam Travel Guide for more summer vacation tips.

Bike along Amsterdam’s canals in the summer sun

7. Fly to Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s capital city is the best place to explore an island paradise in summer 2018. Enjoy hiking at Diamond Head, scuba diving in Hanauma Bay and nature walks at Manoa Falls. Honolulu, on the southern shore of the island of Oahu, is also one of the best locations in the world for surfing, with powerful waves rolling toward long stretches of sandy beaches. Learn the tips and tricks on how to find cheap flights to Honolulu to begin your Hawaii vacation.

Enjoy beaches and sun in Honolulu, Hawaii

8. Summer vacation in Denver, Colorado

For a mix between a city break and time in the countryside, consider joining the many American travelers choosing a Denver summer vacation. Walk around the downtown area and explore Larimer Square to get a sense of Denver’s history, then take in views of the Red Rocks for a wonderful mountain experience in rural Colorado.

The Rockies only truly come alive under the summer sun, when lupines emerge from the thawing soil, and mighty waterfalls thunder, finally free of ice. Fly to Denver and enjoy convenient world-class hiking (“Garden of the Gods” is not an exaggeration, trust us!), or rent a car and head northward and westward into Wyoming, where Yellowstone National Park will afford plentiful sunshine and abundant wildlife sightings.

Get outdoors and visit the Colorado National Monument in Colorado

9. Summer flights to New York

Summer 2018 is an ideal time to take a vacation in New York. Spend time exploring Central Park in the sun, visit the tourist attractions of Manhattan and discover the hipster hangouts of Brooklyn. Find yourself at the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building or Times Square in the sunshine when you book your trip to New York for summer 2018.

Visit bustling NYC for theater, world-class food and non-stop action

10. Summer vacation in Las Vegas

Luxurious hotels, the best entertainment in the world, glittering casinos and fun pool parties. Las Vegas is one of the ultimate destinations for American travelers in summer 2018. Join the fun and book your cheap flights today. 

From casinos to restaurants from around the world, Las Vegas’ party never stops

11. Canada

Banff and Whistler National Parks, located in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia respectively, boast some of the best scenery on the entire North American continent. Canada is also a perfect summer destination for city slickers, whether you explore the culinary scene of cosmopolitan Vancouver, trace French colonial history in Montréal and Québec City or take to the streets of Toronto, Canada’s answer to New York.

Book cheap Canada flights

Enjoy breathtaking sights like Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

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Tips for finding last minute summer vacation flight deals

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