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Cheapest Time to Fly to Cancun

Cheapest Month to Travel to Cancun

Wondering when to visit Cancun? Based on 2018 booking data, we predict flight prices to be the cheapest for the months of September and October. Avoid traveling in December where prices hike up to an average $480 roundtrip compared to $322 in September. Find the breakdown of average prices by month below:

Travel to Cancun in September or October for the lowest prices
Find the ideal time to book your flights to Cancun

Cheapest Month to Book Flights to Cancun

So you know you want to travel to Cancun but you’re not sure when to book your flights? We’ve looked into 2018 flight booking data to predict ideal times to book your flights to Cancun. The findings? Flights booked in July were on average the cheapest, averaging $376 roundtrip. Last year, March was the most expensive month to book flights to Cancun. Find the breakdown of prices below for booking month:

When are the best time to book flights from the US?

When to Book Flights to Cancun from My City

You’re probably thinking “Ok, Skyscanner. This data is great and all but I really just want to know when to book flights from my specific city.” While we haven’t pulled data from EVERY city, we have pulled some popular origin cities where we see people traveling to Cancun more often. The images below show you how many weeks in advance of your trip we recommend to book. If your city isn’t listed, you can simply use our cheapest month search to see the best time to travel to Cancun. The green bars represent the ideal weeks in advance to book your flight.

Flying From New York

How many weeks in advance to book flights from New York to Cancun

Flying from Miami

The further in advance the better when flying from Miami to Cancun

Flying from Los Angeles

We recommend booking flights 5 weeks in advance when flying from Los Angeles to Cancun

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