Travel News Cyber Monday Flight Deals for 2018: Skyscanner’s Definitive Guide

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Cyber Monday Flight Deals for 2018: Skyscanner’s Definitive Guide

Looking for Cyber Monday flight deals and amazing discounts before the year ends? We’ve got you covered! We partner with over 1,200 airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies to bring you direct access to the best Cyber Monday travel deals.


Cyber Monday Flight & Travel Deals 2018 Links

Many airlines & online travel agents run exclusive deals on their site. We’ll round up all the best deals here as Cyber Monday approaches, so you don’t need to search the entire internet for a deal.

  1. American Airlines Flight Deals 
  2. Delta Air Lines Flight Deals 
  3. United Airlines Flight Deals
  4. Aeromexico Flight Deals 
  5. Cathay Pacific Flight Deals 
  6. Iberia Black Friday Flight Deals 
  7. Alaska Airlines Flight Deals 
  8. Norwegian Flight Deals 
  9. Singapore Airlines Flight Deals 
  10. Southwest Airlines Flight Deals 
  11. WOW air Flight Deals 
  12. Air China Flight Deals 
  13. Emirates Flight Deals
  14. LATAM Flight Deals 
  15. LOT Flight Deals
  16. British Airways Flight Deals 
  17. Virgin Atlantic Flight Deals 
  18. Virgin America Flight Deals
  19. Jetblue Flight Deals
  20. Spirit Flight Deals
  21. Air France Flight Deals
  22. Hawaiian Flight Deals 
  23. Turkish Airlines Flight Deals
  24. Frontier Flight Deals 
  25. TAP Portugal Flight Deals
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When is the Best Time of the Day to Book Cyber Monday Flights?

Based on data from 2017, we predict the cheapest prices will be available at 2pm. The most expensive flights were at 9am last year.

Best times to book Cyber Monday Flights

Cheapest Destinations for Cyber Monday

Below are the cheapest domestic & international destinations for Cyber Monday flight deals based on 2017 data. 

Cheapest Cyber Monday Destinations

2018 Cyber Monday Domestic & International Deal Predictions

Here are the top 10 domestic and international destinations that we expect will have the best Cyber Monday deals.

Top Predicted Domestic Flight Deals for Cyber Monday

Route Average Price Last Year’s Cyber Monday Price % Saved
Chicago-New York $238.88 $192.37 19.47%
New York – Las Vegas $466.15 $371.22 20.36%
New York- Los Angeles $523.01 $444.24 15.06%
New York- Miami $288.28 $251.79 12.65%
Orlando- New York $237.09 $177.76 25.02%
San Francisco- New York $486.83 $432.12 11.23%
Los Angeles- New York $513.57 $426.75 16.90%

Top Predicted International Flight Deals for Cyber Monday

Route Average Price Last Year’s Cyber Monday Price % Saved 
Chicago- London $1,009.84 $680.80 32.58%
San Francisco- Paris $926.27 $719.65 22.30%
Los Angeles-Bangkok $922.98 $723.73 21.58%
Los Angeles- London $1014.17 $832.23 17.94%
Los Angeles- Seoul  $1229.71 $911.83 25.84%
New York- Moscow $986.53 $788.37 20.08%
New York- Tokyo 1306.41 986.86 24.46%

How To Find Cyber Monday Flight Deals

If you’re new to Skyscanner, we’re going to share a secret with you. Finding the best flight deals (including Cyber Monday travel deals) is easy.

  • Go to
  • Start by entering your home airport.
  • Enter ‘Everywhere as the destination.
  • Select specific depart and return dates, or select “whole month” and then “cheapest month” to find the best prices

You’ll be prompted with a list of the cheapest countries you can fly to. Choose your destination and select a city you’re interested in; we’ll show you the cheapest dates available.

Search Everywhere on Skyscanner for Cyber Monday

Find Cyber Monday Flight Deals in the App

You can also find Cyber Monday Flight sales by downloading the Skyscanner App and clicking “explore” to find all the best deals from your home airport.

Explore top deals in the Skyscanner App for Cyber Monday

Find Amazing Cyber Monday Flight Deals on Skyscanner now 👇

We already did some searching to inspire you. Below are some of the best travel deals available right now. We’ll be updating this regularly, so be sure to check back later for the best Cyber Monday travel deals.

Set a Price Alert to get notified about cheap Cyber Monday flights

Travel plans not flexible? Price Alerts are the best way to keep informed about Cyber Monday flights to specific destinations.

Downloading the app is the best way to get instant notifications when flight prices drop. Download the app before Cyber Monday to set up Price Alerts to all your favorite destinations. Then you’ll get notified of Cyber Monday flight deals on your desired routes.

When you set a Price Alert on Skyscanner, we’ll send you a push notification to alert you when the price changes on Cyber Monday.

Search Black Friday Flight Deals

Are Cyber Monday Travel deals worth it?

Taking advantage of Cyber Monday airfare deals (or any airfare deal) requires a certain amount of flexibility. The best travel deals require you to be open with your dates and your location.

If you’re looking for a travel deal that will get you to a specific location during set dates, it’s probably not going to happen! At any given time, there will be airline deals available, but you’ll need to be completely flexible.

If you’ve found a deal you like now, it’s usually worth booking it right away since most travel deals will be under a limited availability and you will not be the only person interested in booking!

Skyscanner App Reviews & Ratings

Check out App reviews and ratings and see why Skyscanner is the number one trusted travel app to search for flights, hotels and car rentals.  

  • ★★★★★ Rated by Ashley Sewart on June 16, 2018

    This app has made planning a vacation so much easier on me.

  • ★★★★★ Rated by Google User on June 22, 2018

    Really good app, the option of looking for flights from everywhere or to everywhere its the best, awesome!

  • ★★★★★ Rated by Parveen Singh on June 25, 2018

    I Always book my flights and hotels through skyscanner.

  • ★★★★★ Rated by MashkaNYC on June 16, 2018

    For flights, super smooth and fast. Searches flights ASAP. Can sort quickly and accurately as well.