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Travel News Black Friday and Cyber Monday Car Rental Deals 2020 from the U.S.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Car Rental Deals 2020 from the U.S.

Disclaimer: We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over for 2020. We hope that you managed to get a great car hire deal, but if you didn’t – or you want to score another – keep searching and comparing the great rates we have available on Skyscanner. If you want to receive our latest flight deals, travel tips and inspiration you can also sign up below.

Please note: Travel advice is changing all the time. Please always review current government for the latest COVID-19 information, prior to booking travel.

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How to Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Car Rental Deals

Prices on rental cars can be so low on Black Friday & Cyber Monday that you may feel the urge to book immediately. Here are a few tips on how to search for fantastic deals on the Skyscanner app and website.

Finding Deals on the Skyscanner App 

  1. Launch the Skyscanner app and tap Car Rental.
  2. Once you enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as your travel dates, rental car deals will immediately start populating on the screen.
  3. Click into the filters if you want to only see rentals that allow you the flexibility to cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled pickup time.

Finding Deals on the Skyscanner Website 

Whether you search for car rental deals on, it only requires a few clicks:

  1. First, go to our car rental search.
  2. Type in your desired pick-up/drop-off locations and dates and click Search.
  3. Within seconds, hundreds of deals will appear—your ideal ride is sure to be among them! Note our new Flexible booking icon, which will flag the rental options that allow you to cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled pickup time.
Keep an eye out for Skyscanner's car rental flexible booking icon.

Tips for Booking Black Friday and Cyber Monday Rental Cars

Don’t forget to keep “the basics” in mind before making a reservation. Here’s a handy list of all the things you should remember when choosing your next car rental:

  1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday might be an ideal time to book a rental car, but you should first review travel restrictions for the locations you’ll be visiting. Check Skyscanner’s Travel Advice page to read about states’ traveler restrictions and our Where’s Open? map to see which countries are allowing international visitors.
  2. Rates for upgraded vehicle types are often only a few dollars per day more than the economy or compact ones. Don’t be so blinded by rock-bottom entry-level rates that you miss the opportunity to save on a splurge!
  3. As is the case with flights and hotels, Black Friday & Cyber Monday car rental deals can be subject to more restrictive terms and conditions, so make sure to read the fine print.
  4. Likewise, prices for one-way rentals (that is, renting in one city and returning to another) are more expensive than if your pick-up and drop-off location are the same, even if you score Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals that are cheaper than you expect.
  5. We’ll update this page as Black Friday & Cyber Monday draw nearer, but for now, you can visit Skyscanner’s Car Rental Deals page to see current specials.

How to discover where you can go – and get inspiration on where to travel next!

Discover where you can go now

Before you start planning your road trip, you need to determine where you can go. Skyscanner’s Where’s Open map helps you easily answer that question. It shows which countries have opened their borders for international tourism, entry requirements and any restrictions. Our dedicated team updates this map daily.

Set up alerts for your dream destinations to know when you can travel there again

You don’t need to check your dream destinations on the Where’s Open map each day. You can set an alert for as many countries as you want, and we’ll email you as soon as new information is available.

Get inspired on where to go next

If you aren’t sure where to travel next, check out these articles for some inspiration:

Plan safe and travel smart

In addition to our flexible booking indicator for rental cars, we also have new tools for you to use when searching for flights and hotels. Use these tools to book with confidence:

  1. Flexible tickets: This new filter only brings up flights that allow ticket holders to change or cancel their flight, oftentimes at no additional cost.
  2. COVID-19 safety rating: The rating is out of 5 total points and sourced directly from an exclusive partnership with It reveals how many of the five health and safety measures airlines have put into place. Click into any flight search result to see details for that specific flight itinerary.
  3. Hotel cancellation policy. Flexibility has never been more important. Use this filter if you’re worried about potentially needing to cancel your travel plans. Switching it on will narrow your search results to only hotels that offer free cancellation.
  4. Hotel cleanliness rating. We know that travelers are concerned about cleanliness during each stage of their trip. This new badge is prominently stamped right on each search result that scores a 4.5 or above (out of 5 possible points). The hotel cleanliness rating is based on other travelers’ firsthand experience so you can choose the cleanest hotels as rated by fellow explorers.

Don’t wait to start planning your next road trip. Use Skyscanner’s flexible bookings and other new features to plan and book your vacation with confidence.

Ready for a four-wheeled adventure? Start your rental car search below!

Cyber Monday Car Rental Deals 2020

Do car rental companies give good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Historically, many rental car companies have been less enthusiastic about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals than airlines and hotels, but there are exceptions.

Where are the best car rental deals for Cyber Monday?

It really depends the length of time you want to rent a car and which type of vehicle you’re renting. Check for deals right here from companies like America Car Rental, Thrifty Rent-a-Car, Budget Rent-a-Car, and more.

What are the best cities to book car rental deals in the U.S. on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Most Black Friday and Cyber Monday car rental deals are nationwide, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to road trips you can take.