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Skyscanner’s Guide to Finding Great Black Friday Hotel Deals

Disclaimer: We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over for 2020. We hope that you managed to get a great hotel deal, but if you didn’t – or you want to score another – you can still set up a price alert on your hotel and destination of choice. This way you will be notified whenever the price changes!

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Read on for tips on how to find great deals with added safety on Skyscanner using our free hotel cancellation and hotel cleanliness scores.

Please note: Travel advice is changing all the time. Please always review current government and airline information prior to booking travel. Check the WHO and CDC websites for the latest COVID-19 information.

Search for Black Friday hotel deals in the US and abroad

Reach your staycation goals by searching for deals on hotels in Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, San Diego, and further. Search for hotel deals from Marriott, Hilton, or any of your other favorite brands.

How to find Black Friday Hotel Deals

The travel booking tips and tools on our website and app make Skyscanner a smart place to find great hotel deals this Black Friday. In addition to providing features that guarantee you a smooth trip-planning process, the user-friendly search features of Skyscanner will help you find reasonably-priced accommodations that focus on traveler safety. Have a staycation with hotel deals in New York City, Orlando, and more: the choice is yours!

Finding Deals on the Skyscanner App 

Skyscanner’s award winning travel app has important features you need for booking Black Friday hotels. While searching for travel accommodations, toggle on the “Free Cancellation” filter. Booking with this option can help keep your plans accessible should COVID-19 restrictions change in your desired destination (or, if your partner opts for the beach instead of a national park).

How-to image on booking Black Friday Hotel Deals on Skyscanner's app

Finding Deals on the Skyscanner Website 

Using the Skyscanner website to book Black Friday hotel deals gives travelers more security than ever before. As well as booking reservations with free cancellations, you can perform your searches based on cleanliness ratings & reviews.

From IHG to Marriott hotels, brands are performing a variety of different COVID-19 procedures to keep you safe while you stay. Using Skyscanner’s website to find your Black Friday hotel deals gives you current info on how different companies are guarding their guests health. Additionally, booking with Skyscanner allows you to save on the flights accompanying your hotel stays.

How-to image on booking Black Friday Hotel Deals on Skyscanner's website

While using Skyscanner to guard your health, you can protect your pocketbook as well by using our airline Price Alerts. Alerts help you lock-in the inexpensive flights via rapid email updates. This way, you’ll save money by booking Black Friday hotel deals and cheap airline travel all at once.

More Black Friday travel deals

In addition to Black Friday hotel deals, Skyscanner is here to keep you up-to-date on other great travel savings this holiday season. Whether it’s finding Cyber Monday sales on flights, opportunities to book cheaper car rentals, or giving you the insider scoop on Travel Tuesday deals, we’re helping you score great offers all around.

Skyscanner’s Holiday Hub is the place to start shopping for travel sales. Find great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with popular hotel chains like Hilton and Hyatt, or get fantastic destination specials on hotel deals in Orlando, San Antonio, Atlanta, and more.

Skyscanner is helping you book safer, smarter travel for Black Friday Hotel deals

Discover where you can go – and get inspiration on where to travel with your Black Friday hotel deals.

At Skyscanner, we’re a community of travelers just like you. This means we’re always hunting for unique destinations, relaxing vacations, and easy getaways. This year, our search for adventure might look different, but our wanderlust burns stronger in spite of the challenges. That’s why we’ve collected a set of resources to help you stay current on the world’s state of travel while you’re booking deals on Black Friday hotels.

Discover where you can go now

Travel restrictions are a necessary bummer, we get that. However, there’s something even worse than travel restrictions: not having clear information on how and where travel is limited. Want to stay in the loop? Check out Skyscanner’s interactive travel restrictions map. It’s updated regularly with data from the International Air Transport Association, so you can stay current on the state of worldwide travel.

Another reminder: travel advice and restrictions are changing often. Please always review current government and airline information prior to booking travel. Check the WHO and CDC websites as well as our daily update for the latest COVID-19 information.

Discover where to stay with your Black Friday hotel deals by using Skyscanner's travel restrictions map

Set up alerts for your dream destinations to know when you can travel there again

Skyscanner’s interactive travel restrictions map has many features to it. One of the most useful is the ability to set alerts for your heart’s desired destinations. Have you been dreaming of a trip to Croatia? Indonesia? Costa Rica? Enter your email and be the first to get a notification when travel begins again.

Get inspired on where to go next

Plan safe and travel smart

Whatever your reasons for traveling are, be safe as you go. Skyscanner has equipped our app and website with search features suited to the COVID-19 era, so you can stay book your travel with peace of mind.

Remember these Black Friday Flight Hotel Deal Tips

Skyscanner is your hub for great travel deals this holiday shopping season. Black Friday is always an opportune time to shop hotel deals, but with our award-winning travel app and intuitive website, you can find smashing hotel deals year-round. Make sure you sign up for Price Alerts and Travel Restriction notifications to get relevant info on booking travel.

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FAQS About Black Friday Hotel Deals

What sort of COVID-19 precautions are hotels taking?

Brands are instituting all sorts of coronavirus precautions to keep guests safe. Some hotels are blocking out rooms to keep guests properly spaced, or keeping rooms open for a certain timeframe before filling them again. Nearly all have instituted mask requirements for guests and staff in public areas. Check-in with your preferred brand to get a full picture of their safety precautions

How can I make sure I don’t lose money if restrictions change?

For starters, we suggest signing up for Skyscanner’s travel alerts on our travel map in order to get regular info on local restrictions. After that, make sure you book your Black Friday hotel deals with the “Free Cancellation” option to have the flexibility you need. Remember to stay current with WHO and CDC guidelines for the latest COVID-19 information as you book travel.

Is booking a hotel cheaper on Black Friday?

Yes, hotels typically offer cheaper rates on Black Friday as a way to capture the rush of shoppers who are online throughout the sales holiday. Black Friday hotel deals are here in 2020, but you can get great deals year round. Book with Skyscanner to find solid prices on hotel rooms year-round.