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Delta Air Lines Cyber Monday Flight Deals 2018

Delta Cyber Monday 2018: Looking for Cyber Monday flight deals? Delta Air Lines Cyber Monday Promotion info will be updated here as it's available!

Delta Cyber Monday Flight Deals 2018

***Delta is promising savings on flights from North America booked on Cyber Monday. Search with Skyscanner now to find the lowest prices.***


There are almost as many deals this Cyber Monday as there are reasons to travel. Whether you’re shopping for a trip to your hometown or planning a transatlantic journey, you can save when you book Delta flight deals by Wednesday, November 28, 2018. 

Domestic fares starting at $109 each way, round-trip purchase required. Travel period is January 8 through March 7, 2019.

International fares starting at $629 round trip. Tickets must be purchased no later than November 28, 2018. Minimum stay is 5-7 days depending on destination.

Delta Cyber Monday Domestic Flight Deals Include: 

Departure CityDestinationRound-Trip Fare
BostonSan Francisco$229
Nashville Los Angeles$189
Atlanta Washington DC$139
Nashville Detroit$119
Seattle Salt Lake City $129
Boston Cincinnati$139
Nashville New York$139
MinneapolisSan Jose$199

Delta Cyber Monday International Flight Deals Include: 

Departure CityDestination
Round-Trip Fare
AtlantaSeoul, South Korea$1,852
AtlantaShanghai, China$1,493
DetroitBeijing, China$1,319
DetroitSeoul, South Korea$1,773
DetroitShanghai, China$1,612
Los AngelesShanghai, China$962
MinneapolisTokyo, Japan$2,119
SeattleSeoul, South Korea$1,093
SeattleShanghai, China$1,109
SeattleTokyo, Japan$1,671

How to Book Delta Cyber Monday Flight Deals on Skyscanner

Current Delta flight deals can be found by clicking here.

How to search Delta’s Cyber Monday flight deals on Skyscanner

When searching for flights on you can filter results to include only Delta Air Lines’ (or SkyTeam) flights. Here’s how:

  1. After searching for your desired travel dates, scroll down the flight-results screen.
  2. On the Left-hand Side of the screen, you’ll see different filters, including a section titled “Airlines”.
  3. Under “Airlines,” you can “clear all” and then select Delta as the desired carrier. You can also select “SkyTeam” to include results for all Delta’s partner airlines, too.
Filter for Delta Airlines on the Website

How to search Delta’s Cyber Monday flight deals on the Skyscanner App

The Skyscanner App makes it simple to filter flight results to include only your preferred airlines. To search for only Delta Air Lines flights on the App:

  1. Click “Flights” and enter your desired origin, destination, and dates in the search boxes.
  2. Directly below the search boxes (on the right-hand side), click “Filter”.
  3. Tap on the “Airlines” section
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you can “Deselect All” and toggle on only the tab next to Delta.
  5. Click “Back” and then make sure to hit apply on the upper-right.

Top Tips for Booking Delta Cyber Monday Flight Deals

Small details can sometimes make all the difference in finding the cheapest flights. Try these tips when searching for Cyber Monday flight deals:

  • Search both one-way flights and roundtrip 
  • Prior to Cyber Monday, Set a Price Alert for your favorite routes. You’ll get notified as soon as Cyber Monday prices drop over your desired dates 
  • Some of the flight deals are on Basic Economy fares. Make sure to check baggage allowances with Delta to ensure the price is worth is, baggage costs included!
  • Double check restrictions on the deals Delta is offering before booking.  (Blackout dates and stay-length requirements apply on certain deals.) We’ll update these below
  • If you’re flexible, use the “Everywhere” Search feature on Skyscanner to discover the cheapest destinations available on Cyber Monday

Skyscanner App Reviews & Ratings

Check out App reviews and ratings and see why Skyscanner is the number one trusted travel app to search for flights, hotels and car rentals.  

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