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Travel News Deals Do major airlines have Cyber Monday sales for flights in 2020?

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Do major airlines have Cyber Monday sales for flights in 2020?

Disclaimer: We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over for 2020. We hope that you managed to get a great flight deal, but if you didn’t – or you want to score another – you can sign up to receive the latest deal alerts from the US below.

You can also read on for tips on how to find great deals with added safety on Skyscanner using our flexible flight tickets filter and airline cleanliness ratings.

Please remember that travel advice is changing all the time. Always review current airline and government advice prior to booking travel.

How to find Cyber Monday sales on Skyscanner

If you’ve searched “do airlines have Cyber Monday deals,” you must be considering travel. We’re here to provide tips on how you can get great deals using the Skyscanner app and website to plan safe travel during COVID-19.

Disclaimer: We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Qatar Airways
Mon, Oct 18JFK
    Sat, Feb 26BEY
      Ethiopian Airlines
      Tue, Oct 19IAD
        Fri, Nov 12KRT
          Turkish Airlines
          Wed, Oct 20IAD
            Thu, Oct 28MCT
              LATAM Airlines
              Thu, Oct 21JFK
                Wed, Oct 27GRU
                  Thu, Oct 21IAD
                    Fri, Feb 4CAI
                      Fri, Oct 22MIA
                        Sun, Oct 24GUA
                          Fri, Oct 22JFK
                            Sun, Oct 24LHR
                              Fri, Oct 22JFK
                                Fri, Oct 29RUH
                                  TAP Air Portugal
                                  Sun, Oct 24EWR
                                    Thu, Nov 11WAW

                                      The do’s and don’ts of airline Cyber Monday deals

                                      1. Do Remain Flexible. Think of Cyber Monday deals like you would Black Friday sales. The items on deep discount aren’t necessarily your first choice items, but they’re still a great value. You probably won’t get a great deal on your flight home for the holidays…but if you keep an open mind about destinations and dates of travel, you can book that awesome deal on an exciting vacation you may never have imagined before.
                                      2. Don’t Wait for a Better Deal.  After asking: “do airlines have Cyber Monday deals?”, you might also wonder about Black Friday and Travel Tuesday sales. None are better than the rest. But, super discounts on air tickets last only as long as supplies last. If you hesitate to book, that price might be gone before you make up your mind. Regardless of which sale day it is, seize a low price when you find it.
                                      3. Do Look Beyond the Airfare. Not every aspect of a Cyber Monday sale is visible in the final price tag. Some airlines also ‘sweeten the pot’ with extra air miles, waived baggage fees, added amenities during flight, and access to sale prices for hotels, attractions, and rental cars. We research great deals to help you save the most money you can, so put that research to work!
                                      4. Don’t Just Search on Monday. Great flight deals are part of the whole shoppers’ weekend, running from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Start your search early, and keep an eye on the prices. In most cases, airfares are lowest on Monday…but don’t limit your search to just the one day of the year. And never forget Travel Tuesday, a long-standing trend that saves travelers money every single time. 
                                      5. Do Watch the Restrictions. The cheapest airfares year-round are for tickets with the most restrictions: narrow seat selection, higher baggage fees, nonrefundable fares, etc. Some Cyber Monday flight deals carry even heavier restrictions, so ‘read the fine print’ to make sure you can live with the limitations. Saving money on a ticket you ultimately can’t use isn’t a very good deal.
                                      6. Don’t Forget Your Luggage. Cyber Monday sales rarely include free luggage, and with prices as low as these, your baggage fees can add 20% or even 50% to the overall price of your fare. We’ve got your back with this article, where you can read the luggage policies for each airline (and airfare) carefully to make certain you can manage that extra charge when it’s time to travel and to plan your packing to save the most you can.

                                      Finding Cyber Monday flight deals

                                      A great way to answer, Do airlines have Cyber Monday sales, is to download the Skyscanner app. Then, check out the ‘Explore’ tab to find all the cheapest tickets from the closest airport.

                                      Before you commit, be sure you’ve double-checked the latest travel restrictions to ensure that your chosen destination is a good fit.

                                      Set up ‘Price Alerts’ to get notified about cheap flights

                                      Price Alerts are ideal for staying in the know about flight sales to a set destination. When you set a Price Alert on Skyscanner,  you’ll get push notifications that alert you about price changes. It’s necessary to download the app. Then, opt-in for instant notifications on price decrease.

                                      Do this all before Cyber Monday! Don’t forget to activate Price Alerts for airline sales to get up-to-the-minute updates on your desired flight routes.

                                      Set your searches for ‘Flexible tickets only’

                                      Feeling stressed about flexibility? Don’t worry, we all are these days! But, don’t let that stop you from planning your next trip. Skyscanner has now added a ‘Flexible tickets only’ option to the search console. Just check that little box and search with confidence. It offers you peace of mind by only showing you tickets options with the possibility to cancel or make changes (often at no extra cost).

                                      Post selection, you can get more info about each airline’s specific policies. Under the selected ticket, you’ll notice a section called ‘COVID-19 confidence’. Use this to learn about refund policies, cancellation fine print, and date changes to airline ticket bookings.

                                      flexible flight tickets during Cyber Monday

                                      Finding deals on the Skyscanner website 

                                      Want to search on your computer rather than your phone? Instead of using the Skyscanner app, you can also browse on the website.

                                      Use these steps and tips to find the best deals:

                                      • Go to
                                      • Select your home airport
                                      • Click ‘Everywhere’ as the destination
                                      • Choose your departure and return dates, or select ‘Whole month’ plus ‘Cheapest month’ to find the lowest prices shown in green
                                      • Add ‘Flexible tickets only’ for booking in confidence during COVID
                                      • Then ‘Search flights’ and watch the prices unfold

                                      Next, you’ll see a list of the cheapest countries you can fly to. Select the destination you’re interested in and see the cheapest flight dates available.

                                      Be Flexible and Spontaneous

                                      Flexibility is crucial if you’re serious about cashing in on that question, “do airlines have Cyber Monday deals?” The more spontaneous you are about dates and destination preferences, the better flight sales you may be able to discover. Attempting to find cheap airline sales to concrete destinations on very specific dates will likely end in frustration.

                                      When you find that golden deal you’ve been searching for, take the leap! Hesitation is not your friend in this game. Most travel deals have a very tiny window of opportunity. Waiting for an even better deal will only lead to regret.

                                      Cyber Monday airline deals

                                      Hoping to fly with your favorite airline? Fair enough! We expect many different airlines to have their own Cyber Monday flight sales. Some of these are listed below: 

                                      Domestic Cyber Monday flight sales on Skyscanner

                                      How to discover where you can go – and get inspiration on where to travel next!

                                      After browsing through Cyber Monday deal possibilities, let us help you figure out where to go and how to do it during COVID-19 and beyond. We’re working hard to help you sort out your travel plans with as little hassle as possible. And that rings true from now until infinity!

                                      Discover where you can go now 

                                      Dreaming of an international getaway? Find out whose borders are open with our interactive global map.

                                      COVID-19 travel map

                                      Set up alerts for your dream destinations to know when you can travel there again

                                      From the ‘Where’s Open’ map, search for your destination in the ‘explore all destinations’ search bar, then click ‘explore travel in’ the country. Follow the steps to set up price alerts.

                                      Get inspired on where to go next 

                                      Plan safe and travel smart

                                      Remember, we’re here for you through thick and thin sharing great deals, destination inspiration, and timely how-to tidbits!

                                      Search for your next adventure now: 

                                      Learn more about Cyber Monday flight deals

                                      Do airlines give discounts on Cyber Monday?

                                      Yes! Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to take advantage of online airline deals. Many airlines offer Cyber Monday sales including domestic and international flights, major and minor carriers.

                                      What major airlines are having Cyber Monday sales?

                                      We expect that most major airlines will participate in Cyber Monday flights 2020. 

                                      Domestic carriers include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

                                      International carriers include LATAM Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air France, Norwegian AirQatar Airways, Iberia, Aeromexico, Cathay Pacific.

                                      What is the best time to book Cyber Monday flights 2020?

                                      Cyber Monday sales begin at 12:00AM on November 30, 2020.

                                      How do I get cheap Cyber Monday flights?

                                      1. Be flexible with your flight dates.
                                      2. Be willing to go anywhere.
                                      3. Don’t hesitate! Book a cheap ticket when you find one.
                                      4. Plan to travel during low peak seasons. August, September, October, January, and March.
                                      5. Consider mixed airline routes. For example: depart with American Airlines, connect with Southwest Airlines, and return with Delta Airlines.