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Fiji Airways Sale Fares to Australia 2018 | Skyscanner

Have you dreamed of scuba diving over shipwrecks, walking on glistening beaches, and hiking through jungles? Now is your chance to go! Fiji Airways just announced a sale with cheap flights to the Pacific Islands!

Find Fiji Airlines Sales Details Below 👇

Departure CityDestination
Round-Trip Fare
Los AngelesBrisbane$1515
Los AngelesMelbourne$1733
Los AngelesSydney$1411
New York CityBrisbane$1987
New York CityMelbourne$2217
New York CitySydney$1878
San FranciscoBrisbane$1866
San FranciscoMelbourne$2142
San FranciscoSydney$2035

Fiji Airlines Flight Sale Details and When to Book

Fiji Airways is offering flight deals from Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Just remember: the cheapest fares may disappear as seats get booked and individual flights sell out. Don’t wait too long to book your travel!

Besides these amazing flight deals with attractive low prices, you’ll also have a great in-flight experience flying in Economy Class. Fiji Airways is a full-service carrier, which means you’ll get to check a bag for free and receive complimentary in-flight meals and entertainment.

Don’t wait long to book – paradise is calling!

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