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United Airlines Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Disclaimer: we know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday United Airline deals are now over for 2020. We hope that you managed to get a great flight deal, but if you didn’t – or you want to score another – you can sign up to receive the latest deal alerts from the US below.

You can also read on for tips on how to find great deals with added safety on Skyscanner using our flexible flight tickets filter and airline cleanliness ratings.

United Airlines has a 5/5 star rating when it comes to COVID-19 Safety Measures. This means they’ve made safety-enhancing changes to food service, provide cleaning wipes, require both passengers and staff to wear face masks/PPE, and deep clean their planes daily. All to help keep you safe while traveling. On August 31, United also announced on its website that it is permanently getting rid of change fees for most Economy and premium cabin tickets for flights within the U.S.

So United Airlines is taking steps to keep you safe, but don’t forget that travel advice is changing all the time. Please always review government and airline guidelines prior to booking travel.

How to find United Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Check out our favorite insider tips on the best ways to find great United Airlines Black Friday deals and United Airlines Cyber Monday deals using the Skyscanner app or website below.

Disclaimer: The deals you see here are selected for being lower than average prices for flights based on your route and travel dates. Fares are subject to availability. 

Thu, Sep 2LAX
    Thu, Sep 16DUB
      16% less than average price
      Thu, Jul 29MIA
        Sat, Aug 7CDG
          36% less than average price
          Sun, Jun 20MIA
            Thu, Jun 24BJX
              11% less than average price
              Wed, Aug 25EWR
                Wed, Sep 1LIS
                  23% less than average price
                  Tue, Aug 31EWR
                    Thu, Sep 9LIS
                      29% less than average price
                      Tue, Aug 24EWR
                        Wed, Sep 1LIS
                          26% less than average price
                          Fri, Sep 3LAX
                            Thu, Sep 23DUB
                              31% less than average price
                              Tue, Jul 27MIA
                                Thu, Aug 12CDG
                                  53% less than average price
                                  Tue, Sep 7LAX
                                    Fri, Sep 17ATH
                                      6% less than average price

                                      Finding United Deals on the Skyscanner App

                                      Since the pandemic began, Skyscanner has added new flight information that will help travelers navigate potential financial or health risks.

                                      Flexible Flight Changes

                                      The world is a bit uncertain right now, so we know how important flexible fares are. We now clearly label flexible airline fares and allow you to search exclusively for flexible tickets.

                                      After you search for your flight in the Skyscanner app, you should see a toggle button to show only airlines offering flexible tickets. Toggle this on to narrow down your search results.

                                      United Black Friday Deals flexible ticket search skyscanner app

                                      We’ve also added helpful ratings to the different airlines based on the lengths they’re taking to keep you safe. From personal protection equipment requirements, to how frequently/deeply they clean the planes, you’ll have all the necessary info to make safe travel decisions while finding the best deals.

                                      Skyscanner Black Friday Safe Travel Tools

                                      Finding United Deals on the Skyscanner Website

                                      Similar to the app, you can filter for flexible fares on the Skyscanner website. When searching for your flight, there’s a box you can check below the origin/destination boxes to search for flexible tickets only.

                                      The same box will be available on the left-hand side of the search results page, along with filters for COVID-19 safety ratings that allow you to search based on our safety reviews for each airline.

                                      United airlines cyber monday covid-19 filter

                                      How to discover where you can go – and get inspiration on where to travel next!

                                      Skyscanner wants to keep inspiring travel. Whether it’s where you can safely go now or where you might want to go in the future. 

                                      Check out our favorite tips and hacks on how to navigate where you can travel and the best ways to find incredible deals to those destinations.

                                      Discover where you can go now 

                                      Our “Where’s Open” map is the best tool for navigating border closures, quarantine requirements, and more. We keep this updated on a daily basis to provide you with the most up-to-date information during the constantly changing restrictions.

                                      Discover where to go Black Friday Skyscanner map

                                      Set alerts for your dream destinations

                                      Through the “Where’s Open” map, you can also set up alerts for all of your dream destinations to keep track of current restrictions for those countries. We’ll notify you immediately with any changes!

                                      Get inspired on where to go next

                                      Plan safe and travel smart

                                      In addition to featuring Airline Safety Ratings and allowing you to search exclusively for flexible tickets, Skyscanner is also helping you safely book accommodations.

                                      The hotel cancellation policy filter helps you narrow your search results to only include hotels that offer free cancellation. Meanwhile, the hotel cleanliness rating is a reflection of the cleanest hotels based on the firsthand experience of other travelers, just like you. This score is out of 5 possible points and hotels with a 4.5 or higher rating will have a special badge to help you book safely.

                                      More Tips and Tricks to Find Great Deals

                                      1. Search both one-way and round-trip: Sometimes a roundtrip flight is cheaper than one-way. Or vice versa. Be sure to search both!
                                      2. Set up a Price Alert: Before BlackFriday/Cyber Monday, Set a Price Alert for your favorite routes. When prices drop over your desired dates, we’ll notify you via push notification or email!
                                      3. Check baggage fees: Make sure to check baggage allowances with United Airlines to confirm the deal is worth it after added fees
                                      4. Read the fine print: Double-check restrictions on the deals United Airlines is offering before booking. (Stay-length requirements, blackout dates, and more may apply) All that information will be updated here.
                                      5. Be flexible: Use the ‘Everywhere’ search feature on Skyscanner to discover the cheapest destinations available for United Airlines on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Flexibility always lands the best deals!

                                      You can always find great deals on Skyscanner with United Airlines. Start your next adventure by searching now and using all the new safety tools to help you book stress-free, flexible travel. Have a search now!👇

                                      Black Friday 2020 Deals

                                      Black Friday 2020 deals have arrived!

                                      This search box gives you access to hundreds of flight deals to any destination around the world. Start your adventure below. 👇🏽

                                      United Airlines Black Friday & Cyber Monday Flight Deals FAQ

                                      Will United Airlines have Black Friday deals?

                                      We expect that United Airlines will have Black Friday deals this year. Last year, United Airlines announced Black Friday deals a few days before Thanksgiving with special fares and frequent-flyer offers from U.S. cities to domestic and international destinations.

                                      When will United Airlines Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals be released?

                                      We aren’t sure of the exact time when United will announce the deals, but check this page on or around Black Friday, November 27th, 2020 so you don’t miss out on those flight deals. We recommend checking earlier in the day; lots of the flight tickets tend to sell out quick during Black Friday.

                                      What destinations will be offered with United’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

                                      Look out for specials on long-haul flights to major destinations like Mumbai, India, Auckland, New Zealand and more. United Airlines tend to offer flight discounts on domestic and international destinations alike.