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Travel News Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

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Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. As a US territory often times people are confused or unsure about what they need in order to travel there. Depending on where you are coming from it can be different.

Information correct as of July 23, 2019, obtained from Please always check the latest guidance at U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs before booking a trip.

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean islands. Though it’s a country on its own, with its own flag and is not considered a US state, it is still a territory of the United States of America.

Puerto Rico is known for its favorable climate, beaches, and not to mention its unique culture. Many people love to tour the county with their families or for work-related trips.

So Do You Actually Need a Passport to go to Puerto Rico?

As an American, you do not need one. However, you are required to have other government identifying documents such as a drivers license. You will not require a passport to travel to Puerto Rico.

Citizenship Passport Needed Other Documents
American No Soft copies of your driver’s license and birth certificate are recommended but not mandatory
Non-American Yes Puerto Rico Travel VisaSoft copies of your driver’s license and birth certificate are recommended but not mandatory

Consider this to be good news if you are planning a trip to Puerto Rico and are not able to get a passport in time. If you are not American, you still will require a passport, but you probably already know that.

Which Documents do you need to go to Puerto Rico as an American?

You may not have any idea of which documents are required when traveling to Puerto Rico, it shouldn’t worry you though, there are many people the same boat. Read on to find out what you’ll need!

Documents That Are Needed

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Soft copy of driver’s license or passport (recommended but not mandatory)
  • And/Or copy of a birth certificate

If you are an American citizen either by birth or by any other lawful citizenship way, will not have to bring your passport to Puerto Rico. However, you’re required to present your national identity card with a photo such as a driving license to prove you are an American.

Make sure that all of your documents are current. Any expired documents may prevent you from boarding your flight.

Direct Flights Are Typically Better

You’re also encouraged to take a direct flight to Puerto Rico if you’re traveling without a passport. Otherwise, you will have to show your passport if your airline lands in another country before reaching your destination.

What about Non-American?

If you come from other parts of the world other than the US you’ll be required to have your valid passport (good for six months after the end of the trip) as well as the visa to enter Puerto Rico. Please note that whatever visa you are required to have for legal entrance into the continental USA, you will need for entrance to Puerto Rico as well.

Ensure you leave a copy of each of these documents at home and also have a softcopy just in case you lose your original documents.

Wondering How To Get a Passport?

A passport is used to identify you in any country around the world. It is therefore advisable you apply for one for future traveling. Traveling around the world, not only makes you learn a lot from different cultures but allows you to experience a lot of fun.

It is good to apply for your passport in advance as the process may delay when you need it hence inconveniencing you.

You can either renew your passport or apply for a new one if you’ve never had one. Fortunately, in most of the countries, you can get your passport online by following a few steps.

  1. Fill out a registration form
  2. Pay online by selecting your preferred mode of payment
  3. Print out the form and present it personally to your immigration offices

Typically the standard return time on a passport is 6 weeks or less. You can pay extra for expedited services. Or if you live close to a Passport Agency you are able to go in person which can speed up the process as well.

What to Expect When You Visit Puerto Rico

The answer to your question, if you’re an American citizen, it’s effortless to visit Puerto Rico, as you only need to book a direct airline flight or travel on a cruise ship.

You also don’t have to go through any currency exchange as the country also uses USD. Most of the people that you’ll interact with speak English fluently and so there will be less communication barrier as well.

Puerto Rico is Waiting.

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