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Skyscanner Travel Trends: Fall Travel Index 2018

Fall is just around the corner and that means foliage around the world will soon turn from green to vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. This beautiful occurrence is the perfect time to travel for nature loves and we've pulled our data to find the cheapest destinations to visit this fall

The 10 Cheapest Destinations to Visit this Fall

Skyscanner Fall Travel Destinations

Skyscanner’s data methodology involves analyzing how prices are trending over the previous 12 months and highlighting those with changes in booking demand for destinations. We then combines this with estimated savings potential against a national average. 


The cheapest international destinations to visit this fall

Helsinki, Finland

Yearly average – $964.49
Fall price – $633.95
Savings – $330.54
Percent off – 34%

Located by the harbour, Helsinki is one of the most popular cities on the Baltic. Over the last couple of years, Helsinki has seen an increase in tourists since the city is a major stop for cruises, but that’s not a bad thing. Finnish people love visitors and are happy to share tales of their land. The Market Square by the water sees the most activity regardless of the time of the year, but if you’re looking for the local life, head to one of the many independent coffee shops.

Oslo, Norway

Yearly average – $817.14
Fall price – $573.94
Savings – $243.20
Percent off – 30%

Here’s another city that’s popular with cruisers as well as people who are looking for nature. Hiking through one of the country’s famous fjords is epic during the fall since you’ll get stunning views and vivid colors all around you. Oslo itself sits at the head of a fjord so you’ll be surrounded by water and hills while enjoying everything the city has to offer such as the opera house and the Vigeland sculpture park.

Fukuoka, Japan

Yearly average – $1,147.04
Fall price – $817.10
Savings – $329.94
Percent off – 29%

Fukuoka doesn’t get as much attention as Tokyo or Kyoto, but that’s exactly why you should make a trip here. The city was actually two distinct towns split by the river until 1889 when Hakata and Fukuoka formally merged. While here, you’ll want to head straight for the Gion area which has some of the city’s most historic shrines and temples. If you want a bird’s-eye view of the city make your way to the ACROS building which has a rooftop garden and overlooks Tenjin Chuo Park.

Beijing, China

Yearly average – $1,150.94
Fall price – $832.28
Savings – $318.16
Percent off – 28%

Many people don’t think of China as one of the cheapest international destinations to visit this fall, but average prices drop by $318. While you’re here, the obvious stops are the forbidden city, the Olympic grounds, and of course, a side trip to the Great Wall of China. WIthin town, you may be surprised to find that Starbucks and American fast food is found everywhere, but if you wander some of the alleys, you’ll quickly find pockets of what life used to be like in the city.

Moscow, Russia

Yearly average – $1,194.08
Fall price – $907.28
Savings – $286.80
Percent off – 24%

A trip to Moscow in the fall is just right since you’ll avoid the brutal winters that they get. The city’s most famous attraction is St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square, but what’s more appealing to the eye is their Metro. It has over 150 stations with chandeliers, marble platforms, art, and sculptures. Seriously, you’ll think you’re in a museum while waiting for the train. Another thing that may surprise you is that Russian designer clothes are one of the hottest trends right now so grab a few outfits while you’re in town.

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The cheapest domestic destinations to visit this fall

New York, United States

Yearly average – $410.43
Fall price – $317.87
Savings – $92.56
Percent off – 23%

I know you can already picture it. A stroll through central park with yellow, orange, and red leaves surrounding you as you make your way to one of New York’s famous museums. The scene is surreal and must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. New York has plenty of things regardless of what you like to do. Theatre lovers will obviously head to Broadway while foodies have endless choices. If you like to shop, Fifth Avenue will likely satisfy you, but it may hurt your wallet.

St. Louis, United States

Yearly average – $288.95
Fall price – $232.73
Savings – $56.21
Percent off – 19%

How about a trip to the midwest to find one of the cheapest domestic destinations to visit this fall? St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri. The arch is what the city is famous for, but once you arrive, you’ll realize that the city has so much more to offer including plenty of free attractions. The downtown area has seen a multi-billion dollar revitalization where you’ll find sports stadiums, restaurants, shops, and new hotels. If you prefer to see how St. Louis once was, head to Laclede’s Landing where you can ride a horse-drawn carriage over the cobblestone streets.

Tucson, United States

Yearly average – $384.09
Fall price – $313.75
Savings – $70.33
Percent off – 18%

You wouldn’t think that Arizona would be a good place for the fall foliage, but when average flight prices are just over $300, now is a good time to visit. What you may not realize is that since the city has an elevation of 2,400 feet, it sees lower average temperatures compared to other parts of Arizona. The main attraction in Tucson is the Sabino Canyon which is part of the Santa Catalina Mountains and a great place to hike. Another interesting spot to check out is the Old Tucson Studios which serves as the backdrop for many western-themed movies and commercials.

Kansas City, United States

Yearly average – $297.96
Fall price – $253.34
Savings – $44.63
Percent off – 15%

Kansas City is great for a weekend break during the fall. If you’re a football fan, try to time your visit for a Kansas City Chiefs home game. The tailgate parties are known to be epic, but the fans are just at crazy at many of the bars and restaurants in the city. Architecture nuts will want to head downtown where art deco buildings stand beside modern glass towers. The historic City Market is also a must-see site since there’s a farmer’s market, shops, restaurants, and concerts.

Buffalo, United States

Yearly average – $233.82
Fall price – $201.17
Savings – $32.66
Percent off – 14%

Buffalo is on the rebound has been attracting a lot of new visitors as of late. The city has seen many new hotels, craft breweries, and restaurants pop up as of late. The waterfront has been revitalized and then there’s Niagara Falls which is just around the corner. Buffalo is also right by the Canadian border so you could make a quick side trip to Toronto where your U.S. dollars go a long way.