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Find inspiration in an instant with Skyscanner’s mobile flights app

Want to find cheap flights but aren’t near a computer? Skyscanner has you covered with our mobile flights app.

You’re talking with your friends about going on your next great adventure. Only thing is you can’t figure where that adventure will be. Now the power to find inspiration is in the palm of your hand with Skyscanner’s mobile flights app for all major smartphones.

Step 1

First thing you’ve got to figure out is where you’re flying from. Then it’s a matter of where you want to visit. Don’t know where to go? No problem, just type in “everywhere.” You can also select to have direct flights found by checking the “Direct flights only” box.


Step 2

Once you’ve got the to and from sorted out, it’s time to figure out when you want to fly. Just click on “Depart” and “Return” to figure out when you want to leave and come back. You can also select “any” if you’re really flexible. After you have that decided, then just click on the green search button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

The next screen will show you all the different places you can fly and the cheapest price for a flight to that area. All you have to do is click which destination you want to visit.


Step 4

Your next screen will give you the various prices for departures and return flights. Just tap on which dates work best for you. When you have the dates, click on the green tab in the lower right corner and all the different flights will appear. Then you can choose to either book a flight over the phone or on the mobile website.