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15 Perfect Travel Hashtags to Get You Noticed on Twitter & Instagram

Did you take the perfect picture while on vacation? Get it noticed on Instagram & Twitter by using one of these popular hashtags.


You’ve taken the perfect shot on your vacation, and you want to share it with everyone on Twitter & Instagram. But you end up a little disappointed that you didn’t get any re-tweets or likes for the picture. Luckily for us all we need to do to get a little attention for our epic posts is a simple hashtag. And we’ve found some of the best hashtags to get noticed on social media.

For those that aren’t familiar with the social media scene, hashtags are a way to make it easier to find things on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. All you need to do is add the pound sign (#) to whatever category you want the post to be associated with online. People will search for what they want to read about and get what they want. Simple.

And hashtags definitely get people noticed. Mashable notes that Facebook posts were 39 percent more likely to get attention with a photo than just a simple text update… especially if you make your posts between 8 pm and 7 am. The good news it’s easy to connect your Twitter & Instagram accounts to your Facebook page to get the pics noticed. Just don’t use too many hashtags. Twitter etiquette suggests no more than two per tweet. And we’d venture to say the same should go for Instagram, even though you can use up to 30 tags on a single post.

So what are the best #hashtags to see and be seen by? We’ve got you covered.

1. #travel

The most basic, and most popular, hashtag for people on vacation. Use this one and you’re getting noticed by someone somewhere on this big blue marble.

2. #traveling

This one gets a lot of attention on both Instagram (3.6 million posts overall) and Twitter (99 posts per hour, based on 1% sample). Another option is #travelling, which is almost as popular and require only an extra “L.”

3. #traveltuesday

Heard of #throwbackthursday or #tbt? Those theme tags get a lot of attention for old photos on Thursdays. And the same holds true for the travelers in the crowd on Tuesdays.

4. #letsgoeverywhere

This is the most important hashtag you’ll find in this article. Why, you ask? It’s the tag you use to get noticed by Skyscanner. Shameless plug? You betcha!

5. #tourism

This is sort of a catchall hashtag, but effective nonetheless with over 2 million posts to its credit on Instagram.

6. #destination

You obviously want people to know where you’re vacationing. But it’s really good to get the attention of the places you’re visiting. So if you’re at Universal Orlando you should use #UniversalOrlando. Same goes for the cities, states, countries you’re in — #Japan, #Mexico, #Canada, #NYC, #Chicago. You could even use area codes for the tags, like #305 rather than #miami.

### 7. **#adventure** Vacationing is supposed to be about exploring and finding new adventures. This tag puts you in a popular category that’s filled with people white water rafting to shopping to videos of their flight taking off. ### 8. **#airport** Unless you’re Superman, you’ll need some help flying to your destination. And that means making it to the airport. There’s always something to see while waiting for the flight. Sometimes the [airport itself is crazy enough]( just to get pictures of the surroundings. ### 9. **#travelpics** If you’ve got some time to play around on Mondays at 3 pm, you can inspire and be inspired with this Twitter chat. It brings everything from great photography to helpful tips on traveling to your fingertips. ### 10. [**#tourismchat**]( This Twitter chat is geared toward the tourism industry, but it’s quite useful for us commoners. You’ll get good pointers on what platforms they’re using for interaction, which means you can probably get some more activity on your posts. ### 11. [**#TL_chat**]( The good folks at [Travel & Leisure]( put together a great chat on Tuesday afternoons that cover everything travel. It’s definitely worth your time to interact with this group online. ### 12. [**#TTOT** ]( More Tuesday fun from [@TravelBlggr]( & [@TravelDudes]( with Travel Talk on Twitter. This chat comes up twice on Tuesdays, so you can always find the conversation on all things travel. ### 13. **#wanderlust** You know that strong desire you have to travel. Yeah, that’s called wanderlust. And a lot of people have it. Heck, they wear it proud with this hashtag of photos from all points on the globe.

Nature's palette. 💕 #CLtravel #beautiful #wanderlust #regram @kardinalmelon

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### 14. **#paradise** Whether it’s cuddling with your kitty or rocking some New York Jets footy pajamas to relaxing on the beach, we all have our special version of paradise. This is the tag to show what your slice of heaven looks like. ### 15. **#resort** Sometimes all you need to find your paradise is to [pick a great resort]( to stay at on vacation. And these people are ready to show you where they’re staying for a memorable holiday. ## Find **Domestic Flight Deals** now. 👇 [![Skyscanner Mobile App](]( ## **International Flight Deals** [![Skyscanner Mobile App](]( ### **Important To Know:** **Prices are updated daily. ** Deals listed are based on the lowest estimated price for return tickets at the time of publishing. All prices are subject to change and/or availability. If the flights are unavailable at the price listed above, try these tips and tools to get a great deal on flights. ## **Didn’t find a deal you liked? Search for more cheap flights now.** 👇
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