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Travel News Food holidays 2021: five foodie cities for summer travel

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Food holidays 2021: five foodie cities for summer travel

It’s officially time to get back out there and experience all the things you’ve been missing. If family, friends, travel, and big flavors are at the top of your list, why not combine them all with an epic foodie adventure somewhere different?

We’ve paired five awesome cities with the dishes they’re known for, so you won’t go hungry this vacation.

1. Deep dish pizza in Chicago

If you’ve never tried deep dish, you’re in for the treat of your life. Its taller, flakier crust is designed to house the chunky sauce and layer upon decadent layer of cheese – some say it’s more pie than pizza… And where better to taste this culinary marvel than the city that invented it: Chicago. For the most iconic crust around, head to Burt’s Place and try their caramelized, crumble-in-the-mouth specialty. Did we mention it was once visited by Anthony Bourdain? Says it all really.

Photo credits @chenyu-guan, @dominique-caron, @sinan-helfenstein

Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Chicago
  2. Stay at Found Hotel Chicago River North
  3. Take a food-and-bike tour

2. Shrimp and grits in Savannah

A trip to Georgia isn’t complete without trying the famous Southern specialty that is shrimp and grits. Traditionally thought of as a breakfast food, this filling comfort dish definitely feels more like a decadent lunch or dinner (and we’re not complaining). For the full Southern experience, you’ll want to try it at the characterful Olde Pink House Restaurant – Savannah’s only 18th-century mansion.

Photo credits @starrysnowfalls, @sunira-moses

Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Savannah
  2. Stay at The Marshall House
  3. Visit the Olde Pink House

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3. A Cuban sandwich from Fort Lauderdale

The Cuban sandwich has been a speciality in Florida for over a hundred years. But what is this cheesy wonder? With ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles stacked between slices of distinctive golden-grilled Cuban bread, it’s all things delicious. Watch out for the crunch when you take a bite – that’s how you know it’s the real deal. Head to 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s in Fort Lauderdale to try one served to you straight from the kitchen of the owner’s childhood home. It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

Photo credits @emanuel-ekstrom, @grant-ritchie

Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Fort Lauderdale
  2. Stay at The Atlantic Spa Hotel
  3. Walk off lunch by the river

4. A Tompkins Square bagel in New York

Only ask a New Yorker where to get the best bagels if you’ve got time to spare – it’s a discussion that can last all day. While they’re debating the merits of different delis and neighborhoods, make your excuses and head to Tompkins Square Bagels for your hit of beautiful hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, and oven-baked bread. Keep it classic with plain cream cheese and lox or go experimental – they’ve got more schmear options than days in the month.

Photo credits @andy-hay, @nathan-dumlao

Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to New York
  2. Stay at Made Hotel
  3. Take a guided food tour

5. The 600+ food trucks of Portland, Oregon

It would be wrong to call out just one of the 600 food trucks you’ll find in Portland, so we suggest you set aside some time and try as many as you can. From the sandwich-waffle hybrid of your dreams at Smaaken Waffles to the Korean barbecue sensation that is Kim Jong Grillin’, the variety of cuisines on offer is phenomenal. Just make sure to go on an empty stomach…

Photo credits @karen-z

Start your trip here:

  1. Check flights to Portland, Oregon
  2. Stay at The Hoxton Portland
  3. Take a guided tour of the food trucks

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