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How to Use Book Now Pay Later Flights for 2019

Make flying to your destination easier by choosing an easy payment plan like book now, pay later. There is no better feeling than choosing a week for a much needed and well-deserved vacation, scanning the web for flights and selecting the perfect destination. Sometimes, however, flight prices are not as perfect as the idyllic vacation envisioned in your mind, and precautions are necessary. To safeguard your financial confidence, the book now, pay later option is the best way to enjoy your time now and pay for your pleasure in small installments over a period of time.

After you compare airfares and choose your destination and price, it’s time to find out if your chosen carrier offers an option to book your flight now but pay for it later.

British Airways Book Now Pay Later Flight Policy

British Airways offers passengers an option to book now and pay later using low deposits. You can pay the balance in as many installments as you need, meaning you get to call the shots on how much the payments will be and when you will pay them.

The only stipulation is the airline requires fliers to pay the full balance of their flights at least five weeks before travel. After you complete the booking for your travel using the British Airways layaway vacation plan, you will receive an email confirmation that includes all the details you need, such as payment information, due dates and more.

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American Airlines Book Now Pay Later Flights

American Airlines allows travelers to pay for flights later using their proprietary Fly Now Payment Plan. This plan allows you to pay no interest on purchases of $150 or more as long as the full amount of the travel purchase is paid in full within six months of the purchase. This payment plan is a benefit of the American Airlines Credit Card and is only available for cardholders.

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Does KLM Offer Book Now Pay Later Flights?

KLM is one airline that allows travelers to check out with PayPal and choose the option to be billed later. KLM offers more time to pay with the added benefit of no interest as long as the full amount of the airfare is paid within six months. The KLM book now, pay later option is easy and secure.

Using PayPal for Book Now, Pay Later

When you proceed with this secure option, you will check out with PayPal and choose the Bill Me Later button, which prompts PayPal to prepay for your purchase until you begin making payments. You will be then prompted to answer two quick and easy questions in order to accept the terms and conditions of the offer.

Finally, you will receive a statement sent to your email once you have been approved. With this process, you are covered with Zero Fraud Liability Protection.

The Grace Period for Standard Purchases

There is a standard grace period of at least 25 days on new purchases. What this means is that PayPal will not charge interest on your airline transaction if you pay the balance in full by the payment due date, which will be communicated to you by PayPal.

An example of this would be if you buy a plane ticket to New York City on January 1 using the book now, pay later option, you will receive a statement on or around January 15 with a due date for your payment of February 12. As long as you pay the full amount by February 12, you will not be charged any interest fees.

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Fly Into Stress-Free Skies

The bottom line with book now, pay later is that you have roughly a little over a month to pay for your airline purchase. This leaves you plenty of time to hit the slopes or have fun in the sun before you even need to think about paying a cent for all of the fun you are having. The grace period makes it convenient and worry-free to book flights now and pay for your exciting travel adventures later.

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