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How to Score a Flight Upgrade on Your Next Flight

When you want to fly first class without paying the higher ticket price, consider these options for getting bumped up to business class or upgraded to the best seats on the plane.

If you know what you’re doing, you can secure an upgrade on an airline flight.

• You should arrive early because there are often only one or two first-class seats that aren’t filled. • Being loyal to an airline and being a member of a rewards program can help you get access to cheap first class flights. • If you’ve had a bad experience, point this out and use it as leverage. • Getting to know flight attendants and airline workers can help, and if you fly regularly, you should make a point of becoming a familiar face.

Upgrade your seats

Flying first class on your next flight from the United States can make a trip much easier and less stressful. Along with having more legroom and attention from flight attendants, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed experience.

Whether you need to work or just rest before arriving at your destination, it’s far easier to accomplish your goal in first class. Even if you can’t find cheap business class flights, you may still be able to get an upgrade to business class if you know how to work the system.

Be Loyal to One Airline

If you fly regularly, you may want to consider making a point of flying with the same airline. This will show that you’re a loyal customer, and airlines are on the lookout for ways to ensure that loyal customers stay loyal to them. When you have a history with an airline, it will make it more likely that you’ll get a free upgrade when you ask for one.

By joining an airline rewards program, you’ll not only create a history with the airline, which can show you’re a regular customer, but you can also get access to deals that aren’t available to regular passengers. Many airlines will mail out coupons, vouchers and deals for cheap business class flights even if you don’t fly very often just because you’re on their rewards program mailing list.

Upgrade your tickets

Fly During Off-Peak Times and Dress Nicely

You may not be the only one who is vying for an upgrade to first class, and there are often limited seats left open. Therefore, to increase your chances of being given a first-class spot, you should try to fly during off-peak hours and arrive early. This will reduce the chances that someone else will snag the seat you were hoping for.

It may also help you to dress for success. While dressing in at least business casual is no guarantee that you’ll be granted a free upgrade, it can still increase your chances of success. If you’re dressed very casually, you may be passed over for someone who looks like they belong in first class. It’s not uncommon for multiple people to request being upgraded to business class, and if you’re not well-dressed and the other person is, you’re probably going to be stuck in economy class.

Travel in style

Negotiate with Airline Staff

Overbooking, flight delays and lost luggage are all-too-common experiences for people who fly. If you’ve had a bad experience related to your flight, you may be able to use this to score an upgrade.

Firmly lay out the problems that you’ve had and why they were inconveniences, and ask to be put in first class. Be sure to specify that you want to sit in first class as a way of making up for what has happened, or you may be offered a variety of other forms of compensation you’re not interested in.

Be a Nice and Familiar Face

If you fly regularly from the same airport, make a point of getting to know or at least being friendly with airport staff. These individuals are often the ones who will be making decisions about who gets upgraded, and if you’re well-liked and known as a regular, it can greatly increase your chances of being able to fly in first class.