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How to Get the Best 2019 Military Discount Flights and Military Fares

Major airlines typically offer discounted military fares on their flights. Generally, military passengers need to notify the airline during the reservation process in order to activate this discount. Additional perks may include fee waivers for checked bags or access to their clubs.


What Are Military Discount Flights?

A military discount for a flight is exactly what it sounds like: a special discount for military members when flying. Many airlines recognize the importance of military members and, as a small thank you, offer special military-only discounts. Depending on the airline, the military discount may also be extended to dependents of the active military member and some airlines also extend the discount to retired military personnel who are part of the Veterans Advantage Program. 

Considering how many military members travel (specifically by plane) throughout their career to get home to see families and loved ones. Or, vice versa; how many military families travel to visit their military family member, the military discount on flights is a much warranted and appreciated gesture. 

Where Can You Find Military Discount Flights?

If this is the first time you are hearing about military discount flights, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Military discounts on flights are not generally broadcasted by the airlines that offer them. You usually won’t be able to find military discounts when booking your flight online,  but they can be accessed by booking over the phone. The best way to find out if a specific airline offers military discounts on flights is to call the reservations department.

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While not every airline will have a special discount on the flight ticket for military members, there may also be other perks available. Free checked luggage is a common benefit for military members, however, as with any discounts, it is best to call ahead and arrange this ahead of time.

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It should also be noted that military discounts for flights aren’t always the best deal. If the airline has a seat sale or promotion on, you may get a better price by booking that way. As with all flights, we recommend doing a search on Skyscanner and shopping around for the best deals first. Then calling the airline about the discount so you can compare and make sure that you really are getting the cheapest price.

Major Airline Military Discounts

These are the major airlines that are known to offer military discounts. Please note that all information here was accurate at the time this article was written, but may since have changed. It is always best to call the airline ahead of time to go over exactly what is offered in terms of military discounts for flights and what you need to do to claim these discounts.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers free checked baggage (up to 5 bags for work-related travel, 3 bags for all other travel) to active military members and their dependents. Dependents must be traveling on military orders to obtain the baggage waiver, AND they must be able to present the orders at check in to an agent. If you are traveling as a military dependent not on orders, baggage allowance and any applicable charges are based on the fare of the ticket purchased, which in almost every instance that the standard baggage fee applies.


Military members and their dependents flying with United will receive free checked baggage for their flight. A maximum of 5 bags for work-related travel or 3 bags for all other travel. Active duty personnel will get free access to the United Club Lounge at the airport.  There is also up to 5% of fares for Veteran Advantage members.


Active military members and their dependents can receive military fare discounts for both work and personal flights. The discount varies depending on the flight. Delta also offers military discounts for their Delta Vacations. Both military members and their dependents will get free checked baggage; 5 bags when on travel orders, 2 bags for personal travel.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue offers different deals and discounts for military members, dependents, and veterans. Veteran Advantage members can save up 5% off their flight costs and are allowed 2 free checked bags. Active military members and their families can use military class fare (MIL). MIL removes any advance-purchase requirements and allows for free checked baggage. Active military members will receive up to 5 checked bags for free, while non-active members will receive up to 2 checked bags for free.

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Virgin America

With Virgin America, active military members on duty can get up to 10 bags checked for free while family members and/or dependants can get up to 5 bags checked for free. For personal travel, active military members can get up to two bags checked for free.


Active military members flying with Southwest may be eligible for military member discounts. Discount and availability depend on the flight.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers military members free checked baggage (up to five bags) and free oversize baggage (up to 70 pounds).

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air offer military perks for active members and their dependents as well as for veterans. This includes up to three checked bags free, free over-size checked bags, and one free carry on per passenger. Additional benefits include free boarding pass printing and seat assignment as well as the ability to have one pet in the cabin without a charge.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers 5% to military veterans who are part of the Veterans Advantage program and enrolled in VetRewards. This discount is available year round with no blackout periods.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines offers free checked baggage for active military members on duty.

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