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Hipster spots around the world

Pack your high waisted shorts and oxfords and head to one of these quirky neighborhoods for the ultimate hipster getaway.

If you’re someone who likes to come home and listen to Neutral Milk Hotel on vinyl while writing poetry on your typewriter, drinks craft beer in a hole-in-the-wall bar while you’re decked out in suspenders and a fedora, then you may just be a hipster. What started out as a small counter-cultural movement has quickly become a global eschewing of pop culture in favor of a more alternative lifestyle. If you’re a part of this growing movement, why not make your next trip as alternative as the rest of your passions? Check out these hipster hotspots around the globe for a wonderfully nontraditional vacation.

1. Kreuzberg – Berlin, Germany

Berlin in general has earned the reputation for being one of Europe’s hippest cities, but if you’re looking for the most happening place in Berlin, check out Kreuzberg. Where else can you find a store that sells vintage coffee and clothes or a café slash bar slash jazz club (every Tuesday night)? Whether you’re craving great international food, a killer coffee or just a strong drink, Kreuzberg has it all. They even have an annual vegetable fight! You may want to do your research before heading off, though, as some of the coolest spots in the city are easy to miss.

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2. Malasaña – Madrid, Spain

Embrace your inner hipster—or, as it’s said in Spain, moderno—in this offbeat neighborhood in Madrid. Malasaña features the requisite cafes offering designer coffees and trendy latte art, bars serving up craft beers and alternative music and even a retro food shop. There are also secondhand stores for those looking for that perfect vintage look (or read if you head to J&J Books and Coffee) and plenty of lively eateries that cater to all tastes, including vegetarian and vegan.

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3. Florentin – Tel Aviv, Israel

Though all of Tel Aviv is lively and interesting, if you’re chasing those hipster vibes, Florentin is the neighborhood to visit. Often compared to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Florentin offers boutiques, warehouses, art galleries and amazing graffiti (you can even take a graffiti tour.) After a day of sipping coffee and admiring the art, head to Vital Street, where you’ll find an array of nightclubs and bars. Particularly popular is Hoodna Bar, a laid-back bar that often hosts live shows and boasts a collection of secondhand decorations and furnishings.

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4. Amsterdam-Noord – Amsterdam, Netherlands

As with many hipster spots, Amsterdam-Noord was once an area of abandoned warehouses that were turned into countercultural havens. There are plenty of warehouse-turned-gallery spots, as well as several that were transformed into festival locations. Perhaps one of Amsterdam-Noord’s greatest claims to fame is the monthly IJ-Hallen, which is said on its website to be Europe’s largest flea market. If you’re looking for a truly quirky experience during your stay, book a room in Amstel Botel, a floating hotel off the coast of this vibrant city.

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5. Södermalm – Stockholm, Sweden

Christened Europe’s coolest neighborhood by Vogue magazine in 2014, this artsy neighborhood is quickly becoming popular among the hipster crowd. In fact, Södermalm manages to appeal to many of the different hipster niches. Musicians flock to the array of bars and independent music venues. Fashionistas, particularly fans of vintage, head to SoFo, an area in Södermalm, so nicknamed for being south of Folkungagatan, that models itself after SoHo with an array of shops and boutiques. Foodies will love the intimate, artistic vibe of the array of restaurants in Södermalm.

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6. Fitzroy – Melbourne, Australia

Though Fitzroy has experienced a certain amount of the gentrification that seems to inevitably follow popularity, it still remains one of the world’s most hipster hotspots. The neighborhood is alive with wildly colorful street art and cute little cafes that serve Instagram-worthy brunches—not to mention pubs, bars and clubs where you can finish off your night in style. Brunswick Street, the neighborhood’s main drag, offers all of this and more, including Polyester Records, a cool shop perfect for anyone looking to score some new vinyl.

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7. Shimokitazawa – Tokyo, Japan

Described by CNN as “Tokyo’s underground theater mecca,” Shimokitazawa is the perfect place for dramatists or anyone looking for a more offbeat theater scene. There are also plenty of practice spaces and performance spots for musicians looking to jam. Once you’ve gotten your culture fill, check out one of the great restaurants or bars where you can enjoy a selection of unique food options and drinks that will fulfill any craving. There are also a ton of shops selling everything from vinyl to bikes to specialty teas.

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8. Williamsburg – Brooklyn, New York

Anyone who claims to be a hipster and hasn’t lusted after an apartment in Williamsburg might as well hang up his or her fedora right now. In the past several years, this Brooklyn neighborhood has broken into the hipster scene and quickly become one of the hottest places to visit within the five Boroughs. With markets like the Williamsburg Flea, quirky bars like Barcade (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like—a bar and old school arcade combo) and tons of great art destinations, you can’t get much more hipster than a trip to Williamsburg.

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