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Hipsters unite: 5 hipster paradises in the United States

From Brooklyn to Portland: 5 American cities that are perfect places to hang out for hipsters.

If you’re young, into witty banter, and progressive politics, then we have the top five hipster paradises in the US that free thinkers would benefit from experiencing. Utilize your most progressively distinct fashion ability, and head for the nearest coffee shop, bookstore, and underground music spot. You know what they say, birds of a feather, and we have some counter-culture utopias for all to enjoy. O, bohemia!

1. Brooklyn, New York

We aren’t talking about the original Brooklyn neighborhoods here, like Bensonhurst or Bay Ridge. We’re talking about the recent flock of hipsters to the ‘fuhgettaboutit’ borough, including thrift store fashion friendly areas such as Park Slope and even more so, Williamsburg. Just a quick ride over the Williamsburg Bridge, your effortlessly cool urban experience awaits. Try to stop by the Knitting Factory if you can, it’s a pretty big deal for counter-culture music lovers.

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2. Austin, Texas

We know what you’re thinking…Texas? First off, Austin is not like any other area in the Lone Star State, and as far as we’re concerned, Austin shouldn’t even be in Texas! With a city motto of “Keep Austin Weird” it’s no wonder the hipster state of mind is not only common here, it’s highly contagious. Music venues on every corner, coffee shops with specialty unique drinks, and food trucks for every taste, Austin boasts some of the most influential hipsters in the US. The local indie film and music scene are some of the best-kept secrets in Austin, with underground screenings, and live music literally on every corner, this is a hipster paradise waiting to be discovered. If you’re into Mexican eateries, farmers markets and art studios, just a walk down Congress or the east side of Austin is the perfect starting place for your hipster getaway.

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3. Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking to hang with hipsters, we couldn’t leave out Portland. It’s where it all began! Food trucks, check! Quirkiness, check! Great microbrews, check! Portland is also home to the world famous Voodoo Doughnuts, an overall hangout enjoyed by all with taste buds. If nightlife is more your thing, the uber-hip Pearl District has many like-minded hipsters, and be sure to stop by the Teardrop Cocktail Lounge for the most imaginative culinary cocktails around.

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4. Portland, Maine

If the city has the name Portland in it, it’s pretty much heaven on earth for all hipsters! In the tiny populated state of Maine, hipsters from all over the US are spoiled with access to local art, breweries, shopping, coffee shops and unique street markets. This flannel-shirted city offers all the hipster essentials including good java (check out Bard Coffee), experimental theatre (Portland Stage Company) and some of the tastiest vegan cinnamon rolls around (Local Sprouts)! Let’s not leave out the night scene’s trendiest bars including Thirsty Pig, Sonny’s, Outliers and of course, Local 188. It gets cold here in Maine, so make sure to double up on your flannels if you’re visiting in the winter months.

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5. Seattle, Washington

So long grunge, hello hipster! Let’s just come out with it: Seattle is hip. It has been ‘the scene’ since the 1980’s and has zero intention of being anything other than hip-topia. It carries all the hipster must have, plus interesting museums such as the EMP Museum, which is dedicated to music, science fiction and pop culture, and is home to thousands of artifacts relating to Northwest bands and musicians such as Jim Hendrix and Nirvana. Not to mention, Seattle has the best coffee weather all year round, and the cool kids congregate at Bauhaus Books & Coffee, or Vivace (Brix) on Capitol Hill. If craft beer if your forte, the city offers killer brewery tours, and hip bars on just about every corner.

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Do you know of another hipster paradise in the country? Let us know below.

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