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Spending Your Next Vacation in the Azores

Music festivals, local folklore events, art performances, and even religious celebrations, the Azores has it all. In the summer, the Portuguese islands are bustling with tourists, yet the Azores never feels crowded. It’s the perfect destination for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, and hardcore foodies. Extra bonus points if you’re a bit of all these three.

  ![Holidays in the Azores: Summer Events]( “enter image title here”) ## **Azores Fringe Festival (Pico Island)** A truly multidisciplinary arts festival, [the Azores Fringe Festival]( hops between islands for six weeks, with the main venue and events in Pico Island. Theater, dance, music, street art and many more events are part of a rich program and calendar of the islands’ very first festival of the kind. Hundreds of artists from all over the world apply for a spot and the chance to share their work with a fresh audience of local islanders and tourists. If you enjoy events that are a little out of the box, this is a perfect option. ## **Sanjoaninas (Terceira Island)** Although this is a festival in honor of St. John, I wouldn’t call it a religious happening. Catholic celebrations may occur throughout the 10-day event, but it’s the colorful parades, the concerts, the local food stalls, and the theatrical shows that really get people going. There’s a reason Azoreans call Terceira the “party island”, and the Sanjoaninas are just a taste of how much the locals have all year long. This is the kind of event for travelers looking to dig deeper into the islands’ local culture. ## **Walk & Talk Azores (São Miguel Island)** More than an arts festival, [Walk & Talk Azores]( aims to be a platform for artistic creation and cultural exchange. It’s quite the challenge for this festival founded in 2011 on São Miguel island, but, with over two hundred artists featured over the past six years, the festival has stood its ground as an event of reference. If you don’t mind traveling for events that are a little out of the ordinary, keep this one on your calendar. [![Holidays in the Azores: Summer Events]( “Image description”)](  ## **Maré de Agosto (Santa Maria Island)** One of the oldest world music festivals in Portugal, [Maré de Agosto]( happens every August at the beautiful beach of Praia Formosa on Santa Maria island. What started as the idea of a group of friends and local musicians to put together a festival over 30 years ago, quickly became one of the most important music events in the Azores. From focusing on local artists, it grew to accommodate International singers and musicians. Taking place on an island with a little under 6000 people, the festival has become a reference for culture in the archipelago. ## **Semana do Mar (Faial Island)** The relationship of the Azoreans with the ocean is one of fear, gratitude, and respect. The whims of the North Atlantic Ocean are something the islanders are well accustomed to, so it’s only right if Faial Island has a special celebration to honor the sea, that lasts for one full week. The Week of the Sea (English for Semana do Mar) is the biggest nautical event in the country. If you’re a sailor, whether for real or just at heart, you don’t want to be elsewhere in the Azores. People attend not so much for the music unless you have a soft spot for local performers, but for the sailing race. ## **Bonus tip: Every Weekend (on all islands)** There’s always a saint or a special occasion to celebrate summer in the Azores. During the warmer months, villages get their decorations up and their food stalls out, and the party is on! Whether you enjoy the music or not, or are even finding it hard to understand a word, go with the flow and enjoy dancing the night away with the locals. If nothing is happening in your place, ask around because people will know where the next party is. Some islands are one ferry boat ride away from one another, so if the party is there for the weekend, follow along. [![Skyscanner Mobile App](](  

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