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Everything You Need to Know about Hotel Bereavement Rates

Travel after a bereavement is a difficult journey under any circumstances. When accommodations have to be arranged, on top of flights, the expenses need to be addressed. It also begs the question: do hotels offer bereavement rates? We've put together an introductory guide to help you through this difficult time.

Do Hotels Have a Bereavement Policy?

Hotel bereavement rates relate to the booking price in the event of a death or grave illness of a family member. If you are traveling to attend a relative’s funeral or will be spending a period with a very sick or dying family member, then you may be looking for the most affordable way to complete your journey.

Traveling due to a bereavement will usually involve a last-minute booking, which can incur additional costs. Although many hotels do not offer bereavement rates, there are hotel groups and individual hotels in the United States and Canada that will offer discounted rates. You can ensure you have the best options by performing a hotel search in the local area.

Bereavement rates are rarely standardized and are rarely included in the listed deals on hotel group websites. Fortunately, the hospitality industry as a whole will always seek to treat travelers with understanding if they are staying at a hotel during difficult circumstances.

How Do You Secure a Hotel Bereavement Rate?

If you are seeking accommodations in difficult circumstances, contact the hotel directly, after you have found the best online rate with Skyscanner. A search with Skyscanner can reveal the cheapest options for accommodations at your chosen destination.

When searching through Skyscanner, the best available rates will be displayed before transferring you to complete the booking. At that point, you may be asked for additional information to complete a bereavement-related reservation.

If it’s not possible to book a bereavement rate online, contact the front desk staff at your desired hotel. Sometimes, the front desk does not have the authorization to grant reduced rates though. In this case, the next best person to contact is the sales manager of the hotel–who handles the sales and bookings of rooms. Contacting them via phone will give you a chance to ask about bereavement rates and to negotiate a price for any available rooms.

Whether bereavement rates are available or not often depends on the overall policy of the hotel group or the protocols for bookings laid out by the owner. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Find the Cheapest Hotels

If you are traveling last-minute because of a bereavement or due to a family emergency, contact several hotels to explain your circumstances.

If the hotel provides bereavement rates, it will grant an additional discount code or will direct you to another process to secure a reduced rate. Like securing a bereavement flight rate, there will likely be additional paperwork to receive the discount.

If you are booking multiple rooms for your family, there may be a discount available for a group booking. Take note that the rate of the hotel may fluctuate due to availability and the season. If you are traveling during a weekday or during off-peak season, there is a greater chance of receiving a lower nightly rate.

Hotel room for bereavement rates

Do Hotels Offer Bereavement Rates? Book a Better Deal With Skyscanner

Since not all hotels offer bereavement rates, the cheapest way to book your hotel is through Skyscanner. Skyscanner searches can provide information on all available last-minute rates when you need to make your booking. This allows you to select up-to-date prices for hotels that best suit your needs.

Before you confirm your booking, compare the best option available with any alternative hotel offering a bereavement rate.