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10 most technologically advanced hotels in the world

The future is now at these hotels bringing some of the best modern amenities into rooms, making stays enjoyable for travelers.

With advancements in technology coming at an ever-increasing pace, it’s no wonder that even hotels are getting massive upgrades. Here are some of those awesome places to stay that are pushing the envelope in modern amenities.

1. Hub – London, England

This hotel, located in the Covent Garden district of London, has its own app which allows you to control all aspects of your room at the touch of a button, including the very walls themselves! You don’t have to journey all the way across the pond to stay at Hub, as there are nearly a dozen new Hub properties opening by 2018!

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2. Aria – Las Vegas

This beautiful hotel located in the City Center district of the Las Vegas Strip was one of the very first hotels in Vegas to utilize new breakthroughs in technology! From keyless doors to television touch screens to some of the fastest Internet speeds in all of Sin City, the Aria is an incredible place to stay!

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3. Four Seasons Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, California

No surprise here that the nicest hotel in the Silicon Valley would pull out all of the stops for its tech-loving guests! From integrated door monitoring systems to a spa that is one of California’s best, the Four Seasons is perfect for everyone, techie or not!

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4. Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050 – Poznań, Poland

This amazing hotel comes with all sorts of technological goodies, including an iPhone given to guests for duration of their stay that doubles as both a room key and a personal concierge. Plus, every room has an amazing shower system to get you fully refreshed or relaxed and ready for bed!

5. Upper House – Hong Kong

Not only does Upper House have some of the best views of Hong Kong, but the ultra modern rooms in the hotel come with motion sensor technology to ensure you are never bothered by housekeeping again. Couple those amenities with the free iPod touch given to visitors that is packed with information and apps, flat screen 43 inch TVs, and a wireless control system for the room and you have one of the best hotels in all of China!

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6. Nine Zero – Boston, Massachusetts

This incredible hotel in the heart of downtown Boston is a boutique hotel like no other! Featuring high tech rooms that even have iris scanning technology that does away with the need for a room key, Nine Zero is like a glimpse into the future that you can live in and sleep in!

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7. Hotel 1000 – Seattle, Washington

This five-star waterfront hotel in downtown Seattle is the perfect blend of luxury and technology! Featuring Microsoft Surface tablets in every room, along with touchscreen VoIP telephones and even a simulated golfing room, Hotel 1000 is the perfect place for a tech-filled visit!

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8. The Wit – Chicago, Illinois

This high-tech hotel in Chicago has one of the most amazing innovations on the planet: a body scanner that keeps the room temperature adjusted based on your body heat! The hotel also has other incredible high tech amenities in every room, including VoIP phones, iPod docking stations, entertainment centers and more!

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9. Eccleston Square Hotel – London, England

London’s most technologically advanced hotel is a beautiful little gem that you may walk right past! Featuring iPads for every guest at check-in to Smartglass and televisions integrated into the bathroom mirrors, the Eccleston is a hidden gem!


10. Hotel Dormero – Stuttgart, Germany

Germans are famed for quality engineering, and the Hotel Dormero is a perfect example of this. Featuring color changing headboards in every room as well as LED light shows, iPod loading docks, multiple flat screens, free Wi-Fi, and surround sound, you won’t be disappointed with the technological amenities!

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