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Dream hotels for kids

Taking the kids is always a hassle. The extra packing, the endless head counts, the tantrum avoidance and non-existent "you time". But, it can be a little bit easier. When the hotel you stay at is every child's dream it's easier to keep them entertained for the entire trip. Here are the hotels to visit if you want to give your child a dream vacation.

1. Fantasyland Hotel


Headed up to Canada anytime soon? Well, if you plan on bringing the youngsters along you have to stay at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton. The hotel features several elaborate room themes so your child can pretend they’re fighting aliens in outer space, wrangling bison in the wild wild west, flying a magic carpet through an Arabian night, or driving a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of London. The possibilities to let their imaginations run wild are endless at this unique hotel, and you’ll want to take plenty of pictures of them having the time of their lives.

2. Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort

wilderness hotel

A hotel and waterpark in one? It’s every kid’s (and parent’s) dream come true. This hotel, located in Wisconsin, is an adventure-filled getaway that is sure to boost your adrenaline levels with zip-lining, go-carting, and not one but EIGHT waterparks. Just imagine your child’s eyes widening in anticipation at the sound of that. Swim-up bars, fountains, and slides will have you feeling more fish than human when you leave, but if you feel you need a break from all the splashing around you can always hit the golf course as well.

3. Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Though not exactly a hotel, it is an all-inclusive vacation experience. And kind of like a floating hotel. Plus, you can’t deny that when it comes to vacationing with children, it’s hard to go wrong with Disney. These cruises have departure destinations all over the world, and offer youth clubs, character experiences and live shows so your children will always be entertained. They also have a staff to watch over your children while you sneak away to the onboard spa.

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4. The Legoland Hotel


This hotel, located in California, plays homage to everyone’s favorite childhood toy and puts you right next to the Legoland theme park so you can play all day, then continue the fun at night. The hotel offers several different themes to choose from including Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, Ninja or Lego friends. So no matter what your child enjoys, there’s a room for them. There is a free buffet for breakfast so you can fill their bellies before exploring the park all day, and nightly entertainment before bedtime. The only downside? We can’t guarantee you won’t step on a lego.

5. Wigwam Village No. 2

Wigwam Village No.2

Wait, what happened to Wigwam Village No.1? Well, unfortunately, that location is no longer around, but Wigwam Village No. 2 is a perfect alternative to camping that your child will love. The village consists of 15 different buildings, each with a bedroom and its own private bathroom, completely furnished with vintage furniture from the 1930s. It offers a great opportunity to escape from the real world and have a true family vacation, without sacrificing sleeping in a comfortable bed and having to hunt for your food.

6. V8 Hotel

v8 hotel

Every kid goes through that phase where they dream of being a race car driver. Imagining themselves behind the wheel of a decked out classic car speeding down the highway. This German hotel gives kids a chance to take that dream to the next level, and it’s not so bad for motorhead parents either. Each room is decorated wall to wall with car furniture and memorabilia. Even the beds are cars! Your little racer will be zooming to get to bed at night, and may not want to ever leave.


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