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‘Fly Stay Save’ Hotel Discounts

Let’s talk about hotel prices – they seem to change without any reason and are almost always higher than we’d like them to be. We feel the pain. We have a new ‘Fly Stay Save’ feature which unlocks hotel discounts when you find a flight with us. With these discounts, you’re one step closer to scoring a great deal on your next hotel stay.

What’s the Fly Stay Save discount?

The ‘Fly Stay Save’ feature is a discount that appears on select hotels after you find a flight with us. After you find a flight to your desired destination, search for a hotel within the dates of your flight. You’ll see that some select hotels have the ‘Fly Stay Save’ icon next to them, indicating savings at that hotel. The icon will show you the price you can book through this ‘Fly Stay Save’ discount now that you are eligible.

Unlock special hotel discounts after you find a flight with us.

Where will I see the discounts?

After you have found your flight with us, ‘Fly Stay Save’ discounts will appear at the top of the hotel search for hotels within the dates of your flight. In the event of a one-way flight, you’ll be eligible for hotel discounts up to 30 days after your flight. You should see the ‘Fly Stay Save’ banner or orangish-red icon at the top of the results page indicating that you have found your flight already and are now eligible for the discounts.

Top Tip: Make sure to wait for all the results to load! The ‘Fly Stay Save’ discounts load last – as they say, save the best for last 🙂

Hotels with the Fly Stay Save discount will appear at the top of the search results,
or once you click the ‘Fly Stay Save’ icon in the top right hand corner

How else can I save on Hotels?

We have many more tips and tricks to help travelers save on hotels, from staying at all-inclusive resorts, to knowing how prices change, to getting free upgrades:

  1. Check back frequently for cheap hotel deals, sales, and discounts
  2. Learn why hotel prices change to avoid the common reasons for high prices
  3. Stay at all-inclusive hotels to save on food & alcohol purchases that add up (like these resorts in Florida, Tulum Mexico, or the Dominican Republic)
  4. Join a hotel rewards program to score perks, free nights and more
  5. Score a free upgrade to make your hotel stay more valuable
  6. Read about our other top tips to score a hotel deal to start saving today

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