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How Much Should You Tip Hotel Staff?

Make sure you get the best service at the hotel by following these simple guidelines for tipping hotel staff.

How much should you tip at a hotel?

Tip AmountWho to Tip
$2-4Valet who brings you your car
$1/bagDoorman or bellhop who helps you with luggage
$3-4/dayHousekeeping who cleans your room that day
10-20%Room service food (check if already included)

Even the most knowledgeable travelers still have their moments of uncertainty when it comes to determining how to much to tip hotel staff. Who do you tip? How much should you tip them? When should you leave a tip? It’s a lot take into account, but knowing how to tip at the hotel can take your stay from good to extraordinary. So take these tips into account when you want to take your next vacation to another level.

Our top 5 tips on tipping hotel staff

How much should you tip hotel valet?

Dropping your car off with the valet costs extra but it’s worth what you pay to have someone find a parking spot for you. We recommend tipping $2-$4 each time the attendant actually brings the car around for you. Make sure to tip the valet who brings you car back to you, not the one who you drop it off with.

How much should you tip hotel doormen and bellhops?

Getting that extra help to take your bags out of the car after a long road trip or flight is a godsend for many travelers. And those fine door attendants and bellhops deserve to have their palms greased. Door attendants should be around $1 or $2 for helping with bags or getting you a taxi. Bellhops should get $1 or $2 for each bag they help with taking from your car to the room. And be sure to give them an extra $5 for any large bags that you brought for the trip.

How much should you tip hotel housekeeping?

Housekeeping makes your hotel room feel like a home away from home, so they deserve to be taken care of at any chance. Be sure to leave at least $3 on the nightstand or dresser every morning for the housekeeping staff, along with a note saying that it’s for them. And make sure to include an extra dollar or two to that total any time you make a special request.

You may wonder why we’re suggesting you tip every day instead of in one lump sum. Cleaning crews can vary on who will be working which days, so take care of the people tidying things up on that particular day.

How much should you tip for hotel room service?

When you get right down to it room service is no different than going to the restaurant. The only difference is you don’t have to get out of your PJs to enjoy room service. The good people that bring you your food deserve the same tip you’d give for a server at T.G.I. Friday’s, so give ‘em between 15 and 20 percent.

Pro Tip: tipping hotel staff can mean extra attention and high quality service

Tipping varies based on service and hotel type

Staying at a self-service hotel? 

Keep the tips at a minimum. If you’re staying at hotels like a Best Western or La Quinta, the odds are good that you’re lugging your own suitcases to the room. These hotels are where you don’t really need to tip. In fact, some chains actually have policies that discourage guests from tipping the staff.

Paying a resort fee?

Tip is usually included. When you book your hotel through Skyscanner you won’t be hit by hidden fees. But we do encourage you to ask the hotel itself if it charges resort or luxury fees. According to Forbes magazine, these fees – typically between 15 and 20 percent – get split among the staff that tend to you during your stay. Simply put: resort fees takes care of the need to tip.

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