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Skyscanner reveals the future of hotels and emerging destinations

Skyscanner’s latest report gives you all the insight about the hotel room of the future and the places we will travel to by 2024.

In ten years’ time technology will shape our experiences in hotels and personalization will be commonplace, we will travel to space, spend our holidays in underwater hotels or once-troubled countries or endangered destinations. Many things will shape the Future of Travels and we tell you all in the 3rd part of our detailed report on the Future of Travel.

After unveiling the pioneering technologies that will change our way of traveling by 2024, and the future of airports and flying it’s time to see where we’ll go and what will our accommodation look like. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready, for we are going back to the future.

The hotel room of the Future

Imagine a room that you can personalize through your mobile phone to fit your every need. You will have a range of intuitive and embedded technology at your disposal that will make you feel as if you were home (or even better). With fully interactive walls that will display whatever you want, pillows that will help you have soothing dreams and sleeping suits with sensors that will monitor your health and sonic showers that will shake dirt from your body with light, what more could you ask for?

The destinations of the future

By 2024 space will be a well-established destination for our traveller, as journeys into Earth orbit will become more affordable, and underwater resorts (which already exist today, in some way) will be mainstream. There may be hotels circling hundreds of miles above the globe or under its waters. Their views will be amazing, no matter if you decide to go up or down.

In 10 years, travelers will seek unique journey experiences that make them the envy of their family and friends. Without having to travel to space to under the sea, some new destinations will emerge. On one hand, trips to the “Forbidden Zones” will allow people to explore former troubled regions of the world. On the other, some will race to see some endangered species or areas before they disappear.

Getting up close and personal

More and more, travelers will want to explore a destination through the eyes of a local and, what better way of doing so than peer-to-peer travel and home-from-home hotels? People want authentic experiences and with a new wave of collaborative online travel tools that will be even easier than today.

If you want to learn more about the destinations of the future read Skyscanner’s full Future of Travel report.

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