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The 7 Most Unusual Hostels Around the World

These remarkable and unusual hostels are making travelers excited to leave the comforts of home behind. Check out these seven hostels from around the world, where the unique charm of the accommodation is the biggest inspiration to visit.

These seven unique hostels and one of a kind hotels are located in some epic destinations around the world, but the unusual appeal of the hostels themselves is garnering attention all its own. From Tokyo to Turkey, hostels are taking budget travel to new levels.

Settle down for the evening inside an old bank vault or tuck yourself in behind the bars of a transformed jail cell. Bunkbed-outfitted jumbo jets and castles with hot tubs will have you booking your accommodation before you even start searching for flights.

7 Most Unique & Unusual Hostels Around the World:

  1. Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan
  2. Hostel Tresor – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. Bambuda Castle – Boquete, Panama
  4. Pai Circus School and Resort – Pai, Thailand
  5. Bayram’s Tree Houses – Olympos, Turkey
  6. HI Ottawa Jail – Ottawa, Ontario
  7. Jumbostay – Stockholm, Sweden

1. Book and Bed – Tokyo Japan

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and imagined yourself drifting off to sleep curled up amongst the paperbacks, never having to leave? This unique hostel in Tokyo, Japan turns this fiction into a reality for literary-lovers from all around the world.

Bunk beds are built inside of the functioning bookshelves (complete with reading lights, of course) and guests are free to browse through the titles at their leisure.

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2. Hostel Tresor – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hostel Tresor is housed in a converted bank building, close to Ljubljana’s bustling main square and cafe-bordered river. Small allusions to the hostel’s financial past can be found inside, including a rich variety of money-related quotes covering the walls.

Hostel Tresor is in the perfect location to explore Slovenia’s lively capital and still get a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

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3. Bambuda Castle – Boquete, Panama

Bambuda is hostel royalty. A swimming pool, a hot tub, a massive balcony with a killer view of Panama’s coffee fields, and a rock climbing wall, are all among the many perks that make this one of a kind hostel fit for a king.

You’re guaranteed to spend more time at the castle than you spend in the tiny town of Boquete, nestled in the waterfall-strewn hills of Panama’s Highlands.

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4. Pai Circus School and Resort – Pai, Thailand

Walk into Pai Circus Hostel and you’re likely to see a predictable scene: juggling, fire spinning, hula-hooping, and yoga galore. It’s the perfect place to get your circus freak on in Thailand.

An infinity pool overlooking the Pai Valley is one of many perks offered to help travelers chill out after fire-breathing lessons and trampoline sessions.

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5. Bayram’s Tree Houses – Olympos, Turkey

Olympos is located in a secluded valley near a rocky, crystal clear beach surrounded by ancient ruins on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast. It’s hippie-central here. Time grows longer with every hour spent in Bayram’s Tree House Hostel.

Breakfast and dinner are included, so between rolling out of your tree house bunk, lounging on the beach, and exploring ruins, you’ll lose all memory of the distant life-worries you left behind.

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6. HI Ottawa Jail – Ottawa, Ontario

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a real solitary confinement cell? HI Ottawa Jail give travelers who aren’t willing to do the crime the chance to still spend time behind bars.

The 150-year-old jail was transformed into a unique hostel and according to many, it’s still haunted by the ghosts of its delinquent past.

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7. Jumbostay – Stockholm, Sweden

It’s not often you touch down in a new city and can’t wait to get back on a plane, but this one of a kind hostel in Sweden will have you heading straight from one jumbo jet to the next.

Jumbostay Stockholm is located directly at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport (free shuttles are available from the terminals) and it offers travelers the chance to sleep in a dorm on a 747 jumbo jet. If you’re looking for more privacy and a captain-worthy experience, a double bed is available for rent in the cockpit, complete with runway views!

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