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When is the Best Time to Book Hotel Rooms?

Choosing a hotel for your next vacation can be a really fun and exciting part of planning a trip. But how do you know if you are getting the best deal? When should you book your hotel? Are there days of the week and timing that can help get you the best price?

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Booking a hotel can be a stressful endeavor. Finding the right location, the best hotel for your needs, and all the amenities – these are all a part of finding the right hotel. Most importantly, though, is finding a hotel that has everything you want at the right price.

Pick Your Location

The first step is to search for hotels in the location you are traveling to. You can narrow it down to hotels that have a pool, or a tennis court, an all-inclusive resort, or one in the center of the city. Once you have picked your favorites the next step is to determine how to get your desired hotel for the best price.

Holiday Pricing

Holiday pricing is something to be mindful of when booking a hotel. Hotels usually hike the prices of their hotels up for holidays, such as Labor Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, and so on.

Popular holidays for travel will allow hotels to increase their prices as they see fit, as patrons will pay more then. If you are looking to travel for a holiday, consider going either right before the holiday or right after. This will allow you to miss potential price increases do the holiday, but still allow you to enjoy a holiday vacation.

Weekend Pricing

Weekends are another time when hotels can choose to increase their prices. If you are interested in traveling on a weekend, your best chance would be to book at least a month in advance if you are absolutely needing the room.

If you are flexible, last minute booking when you plan to check-in within 24-48 hours. This type of booking can render some great deals as this is when most hotel’s cancellation policy window is.  Additionally, booking on a Sunday is usually the best day to book a room.

Best Times to Book

In addition to book same day travel for Sundays, there are other times that are ideal to book your hotel visit. For the best price, you should book between three and four weeks before your desired travel date.

Deciding on a hotel beforehand allows you to monitor trends in pricing. The best thing to do is have your choices narrowed down approximately forty days before your departure so you can monitor it for the best prices. You always want to compare prices of hotels as well to make sure you are getting the best price at the best time.

Keeping track of multiple hotels and trends in their pricing will make it that much easier to determine the best deal.

Hotel Discounts

Every hotel is different, and you want to make sure you find out as much as you can about the hotel before you book. This way, you will have ideas of what discounts may be coming up. If you sign up for a hotel’s email blast, you may also be alerted to special “members only” pricing as well.

Many hotels will advertise discounts directly on their site so make sure to check the site for optimal discounts.  Additionally, looking for hotel anniversaries or holiday sales may allow you to get a deal on a hotel that is even better than you imagined.

Start Planning Your Next Vacation

Every hotel is different but many follow the same principals when it comes to pricing. The best hotel for you may not be the best hotel from someone else. You want to be sure you do your research on where you want to stay and what you would desire in a hotel.

Once that is done, finding the best hotel for you is easy. Finding the best price, though, can be a bit more difficult. Make sure you are looking for location, rooms, and amenities all for the best price. If you use these tactics to find the best hotel at the best price. 

Read more and find the best deals on your next vacation. 

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