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World’s Best Hotel Amenities: Learn to Enjoy the Finer Things

Hotel amenities have come a long way. Fifteen years ago, you’d be lucky to nab a room with a fully-loaded minibar. Flash forward to modern times and every outrageous luxury one can imagine – even some you cannot – can be purchased for a nightly fee. In fact, some of today’s hotel amenities are so over-the-top awesome, we thought it’d be cool to explore a few of them with you today. What do you think? Does that sound like fun? Nice! Let’s dive right in.

Get a Tanning Butler because… why not?

When you think Ritz-Carlton, you think luxury and rightfully so. But did you know that if you book a stay at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach you can take full advantage of their Tanning Butler service? What’s that, you ask? Picture a gorgeous looking man and women wondering the pool deck with only one purpose… assisting those in dire need of some sunscreen. And yes, they will apply for it you if you ask. In addition to getting oiled up by a sexy could-be single (you never know if you never try), you can also choose to purchase a variety of tanning-related products such as sunglasses, lip balm, aloe and other save-me-from-frying-my-skin necessities.

Fancy a monogrammed bathrobe?

This one’s too cool not to share.

If you have plans to vacation in Madrid any time soon, consider booking a stay at The Hotel Ritz Madrid. When you arrive, expect a personalized, monogramed bathrobe to be waiting for you in your room. It will be the only pre-stocked garment that’s been wrapped with red ribbon and drizzled with rose pedals. You can’t miss it! And when your trip is over, pack your awesome new bathrobe in a suitcase and take it with you. The staff won’t mind at all. We promise!

Put the kids in a luxury program and go play golf… Scotland style

Resting on one of the oldest golf course in the world, travelers will find The Old Course Hotel. Located in the Fife region of Scotland, parents can do their thing while children enjoy what is known as the resorts’ luxury kids program. As soon as they arrive, families are greeted with a welcome pack that includes toys, coloring books, games and even custom-designed adventures like scavenger hunts around the hotel’s grounds.

Want to give the kids a golf lesson or two? Great! The welcome pack has vouchers for that as well. So, mom and dad, go enjoy your time in Scotland. You’ve earned it!

Party like a rock star and feel no pain

There’s no way we’d be able to make it through an article about amazing hotel amenities without taking a quick trip to Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand, one of the most popular hotels in the world, offers its guests the option to book what is known as the Stay Well room. And if you’re lucky enough to nab it, here’s what you can expect.

After partying until sunrise the night before, you can pass out on a plush bed knowing that while your wallet may be lighter and your kidneys feel like they’re slowly failing you, when you awake you will do so to vitamin C-induced showers, air purification systems, energizing light fixtures, dawn light simulation sequences, fresh drinks if you want a little hair of the dog and an endless option of food. So go ahead and party like there’s no tomorrow. When you’re done, sleep for a few hours, revive yourself, head down to the pool and do it all over again. Vegas, baby!

Wine lovers rejoice

The Farmhouse Inn in California is every wine-lovers dream hotel. Not only will they hand you a pricey glass of vino when you arrive, you will also get the pleasure of enjoying a private tour of the winery. And if that isn’t enough, the world famous hotel Sommelier will hand pick bottles for you during your stay. The best part is that each bottle she chooses will be dropped off to your room with a note describing what you’re drinking and why it was chosen. Bottoms up, my friends. Enjoy the wine and the gorgeous scenery that surrounds you.

Either dream about it or do it

So many people make excuses not to travel. It’s too expensive. There’s not enough time in the day. My work won’t let me enjoy a week off, etc. The list is endless. But excuses aren’t reasons. They’re simply words we use to justify our fear of one thing or the next.

You see, America has this whole work / life balance thing backwards. We bust our butts to enjoy a few hours every weekend. We put in overtime, grind out 12-hour days and hope, just hope that we can enjoy an extended vacation (for most it’s a stay-cation) around Christmas. To. Hell. With. That!

We live in a modern world, and these are modern times. Never before have people been able to travel from one place to the next with such quickness and convenience. Never before has our world been more connected or our jobs more mobile. These facts should call upon you to spend your hard-earned money on amassing experiences rather than things.

Let me put it to you like this… go out and experience the world! If you’re boss doesn’t like the fact that you’re always on the move, find a new job. If money is tight, you can travel smart and on a budget. If you have kids, get creative and plan in advance.

The point we’re trying to make is this. Only you can stop yourself from doing what you want. We all make choices, it’s just that most of the time we simply make the wrong ones. It’s time to change that. Go travel! Go experience the world! Go have fun!

Life is short, and you deserve to live it to the fullest.

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