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How to Decide Where to Go on Your Next Trip

How do people decide on where they want to visit? How do they narrow down options and come to a conclusion? How do I know which place is best for me to visit at this very moment?


Those are very good questions that I will help answer for you. It can be tough to decide where to take your next trip. These are a few factors I consider before I book a trip:

  1. Price
  2. Type of Trip I’m Looking For
  3. Bucket List Items
  4. Travel Trends
  5. Available Vacation Days

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Price isn’t necessarily the most important factor for everyone when deciding their next vacation, but I will admit that it’s pretty much THE deciding factor for me. I go where the deals are. If you’re on a budget, but still want to travel, then finding a great flight deal can easily pick the next trip for you. A tool that I love to use is Skyscanner’s Flexible search. Simply search “Everywhere” in the where to box and change the date to cheapest month.

This feature will show you cheap destinations from your home airport and which dates would be best to travel. Now, that doesn’t mean you choose the cheapest destination that appears on the list. You should research how expensive that country is. Look up restaurants, accommodations, and conversion rates to get the proper idea.

Another way to travel for cheap is visiting destinations during their “off season”. This is normally winter time for most countries when tourists flock to the warmer parts of the world. Traveling during the off season can be great. It’s less crowded and flights and accommodation are normally inexpensive. Double check that the destination isn’t also on holiday where most stores and sights are closed.

Type of Trip


What type of trip are you looking for? Party with friends, relaxation, food, adventures, nature hikes, etc. are all things you may think of when planning a vacation. Decide what you want from this trip first before choosing a destination. Allow the activities to make the decision for you. If I want to go somewhere that I can get adrenaline rushes then I’ll create a list of countries that would be best suited for my needs. From there you can allow price and/or time to be considered.

Bucket List Items

Travel List

Throw price out the window and allow me to check off a bucket list item! We all have travel bucket lists that we want to check off during our lifetime. Let your list decide where to take your next trip. Don’t worry about price because this is something you’ve been longing to do. I can assure you that it’ll be absolutely worth it.

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Travel Trends


With the boom of social media, you’ll notice videos circulating of various destinations and landmarks. This creates travel trends and tourist increases. The popularity of these videos can be so large that the city/country may try to prevent tourists from coming. Take Cinque Terre for example. Due to the increase in visitors, which can negatively impact the landscape, the region is trying to impose limitations to tourists. So, if there’s a place you think that will become the next hot destination, I’d suggest visiting before it’s overrun by tourism.

Available Vacation Days

Vacation Days

This is another huge factor for me when deciding where to go next. America is known for limited vacation days, so many employees of the corporate world must make use with what they’re given. I plan my trips around holidays and long weekends.

If I want to go somewhere for just a long weekend, then I’d consider Europe. If I have more days or a longer holiday (Thanksgiving break) then I’ll look at deals in Asia. I like using the Flexible tool by Skyscanner in this situation, but I make sure to set the dates to when I can take time off.

A lot of people assume that it’s expensive to fly during the holidays, but normally that’s only the case domestically. If it’s a US holiday, you can find deals internationally since most people would like to stay within the US during that time.

So, where are you going to fly off to next? This world is a wonderful place with so many beautiful sights. Time is so valuable, so it can be difficult to decide where to go next. I hope these tips will help you with the decision!

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