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How to Find the Best Flight Discounts in 2019

How to find the best flight discounts on the web. From promo codes, student/military fares, to flash sales and more!

Finding incredible flight discounts requires an understanding of who offers them and the reasons they offer them (to compete against each other on popular holidays, to fill seats during the low season, etc.).

It also means knowing when they’re going to offer them, so you can be prepared to pull the trigger and score a great deal.

Knowing the nuances of how airlines and online travel agencies price flights isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either. It just takes a giant metasearch engine (👋) full of travel experts, with tons of historical data on flight discounts, to work out the logistics for you.

Read on for our top tips. Or *Click Here* to see the full list of discount pages.

How to Find Great Flight Discounts

There are a few different types of flight discounts and you’ll need to know two things to find them:

  • Where to look
  • When they’re coming

Know Where to Look for Flight Discounts

One of the best ways to stay informed about flight discounts is by closely following your favorite airlines.

There are discounts that are consistently offered by certain airlines, such as student discounts and military discounts. Some airlines also offer bereavement flight discounts if you’re traveling due to the death of an immediate family member.

There are also flight discounts which are offered as part of regular sales by airlines and online travel agencies. These sales can be as large as Black Friday/Cyber Monday or they can be randomly offered by individual airlines like American or Delta.

Promo codes are also an important tool for scoring flight discounts– airlines send out promo codes for many different reasons. We take all of the promo codes for specific airlines and update them as they’re announced on pages like Southwest Airlines Promo Codes and Spirit Airlines Promo Codes. Plus more, see below.

Almost all online travel agencies and airlines offer flight discounts of some sort. Frequently checking either a specific airline/OTA website or Skyscanner’s frequently updated pages is the best way to keep informed on flight discounts.

Know When to Look for Flight Discounts

Some airline sales are predictable and some aren’t. The best way to keep up to date with unpredictable flight discounts is to sign up for airlines’ newsletters. This is typically the first place they’ll announce flash sales. (Same with online travel agencies.)

To ensure you’re still getting the best price, run a quick flight search on Skyscanner to see the cost of the flight from everywhere around the web. You never know where else flight discounts may be applied.

Skyscanner also updates certain pages daily and/or weekly with current flight discounts. This includes pages like Daily Flight Deals and Cheap RT Flight Deals under $100.

See Below for a complete list of pages with updated flight discounts.

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