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How to make more than your entire salary in a month, just by traveling

Ask any average joe with a suitcase what his dream job would be, and no doubt he would tell you that if he could get paid to do anything, it would be to travel. We're even willing to bet that you've slipped off into a daydream once or twice while sitting at your desk, imagining what it would be like to rake in the greenbacks while sitting on a beach in Tahiti. What if we told you it's possible?

Unless you work on a cruise ship it’s impossible to make real money while traveling the world, right? We mean the kind of money you can send your kids to college on, and then still have a comfortable retirement. Well actually, you could be making a lot more than "comfortable". What if we told you that you could be making over $60,000 a month to traverse the globe. Not year. Month. Now before you go charging into your boss’ office and hand over your resignation, you might want to set your plan. Here’s how it’s done:

Step One: Brush up your tech skills

The first step you’ll have to take to make the big bucks is to start your own blog. There are some basics you’ll need to know if you want your blog to be successful, and you’ll also need a decent amount of time to build a follower base. First, come up with a name. When you’re thinking of blog titles, you’ll want to make sure you have something original, but also travel related so web browsers will know what to expect when they come across your page. Make sure the domain is available as well! A name is no good if someone else already has the rights to it. Next, set up your page. It could be as simple as a WordPress site, or as complex as paying a developer to set it up for you. No matter what you choose, remember design is key. Now that you’re live, don’t be shy! Advertise your new blog on all of your social media pages, and encourage your friends to spread the word as far and wide as you intend to travel.

Step Two: Stick to it

The web may seem as though it’s already oversaturated with other travel bloggers, but remember that the world is a big place, with endless nooks and crannies to explore. No one blogger can cover them all, so there can never be too many. It’s also worthwhile to remember that not all bloggers stick to it. Life gets in the way, and many that could have been successful fall to the wayside. As long as you keep up with your blog and post often, you have a better chance than a lot of other blogger hopefuls. Many blogging platforms offer built in metrics systems as well, so you can track how many people are viewing your page. Keep an eye on that, and as long as you see a steady progression on that (even if it’s slow going) you’re on the right track.

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Step 3: Start Traveling

The most important tip to starting a career in traveling; actually getting out and exploring the world. It may not be worth it to quit your day job right away (remember it can take some time for your blog to become a hit, and to get advertisers to sponsor you) but you can still travel with a 9-5 job! Take short weekend trips, plan to getaway on holiday weekends, and split up your vacation time so you can go to more destinations for a short amount of time, rather than one destination for a long amount of time. You can also fill time in between trips with travel related advice, and funny anecdotes from past trips. Or, if you have video content, you can break up one video into multiple posts. That way you can still keep your readers engaged and interested, even while you’re not traveling. Once your blog takes off though, go to as many places as you can, as often as you can. Life out of a suitcase can be pretty grand, especially if you get rich doing it.

That’s it. Three simple steps to living a lifestyle you may have thought unattainable. Still don’t believe it’s possible to make $60,000 a month just by writing about your experiences on the internet? Take a look at the man who actually does it!