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How to Start Your First Travel Blog

You have a strong passion for travel. You find yourself constantly answering questions about destinations you’ve visited. You gathered all these photos, but have no outlet to share them on. Your solution? A travel blog.

Now that sounds like a great idea, but how exactly do you go about this? Here are 8 easy steps to help you through the process of starting your first travel blog!

  1. Choose your blog name
  2. Buy the domain and a host website
  3. Brainstorm the appearance/theme of your blog
  4. Pick a theme or create your own by HTML coding
  5. Begin writing content
  6. Make your website live!
  7. Start exploring other bloggers and connecting
  8. Be patient

Choose A Blog Name

This will be your identity to readers, so pick a name that will stick in their minds. You’ll want something personal, like a name or nickname, that still ties in with the idea of traveling. Give this some thought, and make a list of possibilities before immediately picking one.

Buy the Domain/Host

You want your travel blog to be your own, so pay a little extra to have your own domain. You’ll also need to find a host for your website. There are plenty of options out there that makes this step extremely simple! Sites such as WordPress or Square Space will include all of this in a premium package. You pay an annual membership fee and they will host your website, provide the domain, give you themes to choose from, and so much more.

Brainstorm the Appearance/Theme of Your Blog

Picture how you want your website to look. Write down your ideas before putting it all into place. What is the purpose of the site? Will your travel blog be focused on solely personal, daily experiences? Will it be a place for individuals to find guides to new cities? Will you provide more general suggestions or specific reviews? Or, will your blog be a combination of all those topics? This exercise is a great way to get the general idea of what your goal is. Of course, your theme can always change as you become more comfortable with your site and figuring out what works.

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Pick a Theme or Create with Code

If you’re anything like me, and you aren’t familiar with HTML coding, you can select a pre-made theme provided by your website host. I prefer simplicity, so I chose the theme below when I first started my travel blog. WordPress is very user friendly so I could adjust certain aspects; however, certain themes are more limited than others. Do ample research and watch YouTube tutorials on coding to see what works best for you. Once you figure this step out then you can truly get started on your very first travel blog! The customization part can be frustrating as you begin to create menus, choose formats, and color schemes. But, don’t let the frustration overwhelm you! Make use of the help bar and Google. Others have experienced the same issues, so there will be plenty of answers to guide you along.

Begin Writing Content

Now the fun begins! Start writing out whatever what your heart desires! Just be sure to proofread your work multiple times. Also, organization is key. When I first started blogging, I began rambling on about everything from tips, to deals, to suggestions. I had no definitive method to my madness. I was so anxious to get the blog up and running that I forgot to take a step back to examine how the posts would appear to others. You’ll want to write up your “About Me” section before making your website live. It would also be a good idea to have 2-4 posts written up prior to going public. That way you’ll have content to release in a timely manner the first week or two.

Make your Blog Live

Take that big step! Click that toggle to go from private to public. Share the news on all your social media platforms. You’ve worked hard to get to this step, so don’t be discouraged to share anywhere and everywhere you can. People will love what you’ve started.

Explore and Connect

A great way to earn followers and get inspired is by checking out other bloggers. Now, that doesn’t mean go on a following spree expecting follows in return. But, it is important to stay involved in the blogging community. Engage in posts by fellow bloggers. Consider different outlets where you can share your posts.

Be Patient

Don’t ever be discouraged if your site doesn’t get thousands of hits in a day. A travel blog doesn’t take off immediately. Be patient. Stay focused. You may not get followers right away, but that’s okay. You will learn along the way how to reach more readers through SEO and other tools. If your goal is to make money through blogging then you have to work hard and stick with it. Funds through advertising and partnerships won’t come flowing in right away. It may take months or it may take years. So, you must have a strong passion for travel and/or writing to keep it going.

Alright, so what are you waiting for? There are your 8 simple steps to starting your first travel blog! Go share your wonderful stories with the rest of us travel lovers.

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