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The Most Instagram-worthy Spots Around Spain

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Spain will surprise and delight you with its magical palaces and castles, stunning medieval and modern architecture and range of FOMO-inducing experiences. We hand-picked the most exciting destinations that will not only take your breath away, but also inspire your Instagram followers to, well, follow in your footsteps.

Alhambra in Granada

This stunning Moorish palace and fortress is one of the most photogenic structures in Spain. Having been built between 1238 and 1358, it’s also steeped in history. Elaborate carvings of Arabic calligraphy and geometric patterns adorn the façade, some brilliantly colourful.

The Court of the Myrtles is an especially ideal location for Instagram shots. This open-air space has a long reflecting pool set in glistening marble pavement—all lined by verdant green manicured myrtles. At the far end, a set of seven high archways and the 45-metre-high Comares Tower stand as a beautiful backdrop.

All told, the Alhambra is filled with picture-perfect locations. Stroll through the complex to find ornately decorated gates, covered walkways, detailed ceiling designs, quaint patios and majestic halls.

Real Alcázar in Sevilla

The locations chosen for filming Game of Thrones are always remarkable. Fans of the popular TV show will recognise the Real Alcázar from scenes with the Water Gardens of Dorne (season 5).

This royal palace dates back to the 10th century. It’s a stunning example of the mudéjar architectural style, which has influences from Moorish and Christian cultures. From its intricately carved arches and decorative motifs to the Arabic inscriptions adorning the walls, you’d be hard pressed to find an area within Real Alcázar that isn’t photogenic.

One especially dramatic location for a photo opp is at the cistern below the palace. There’s a dull subterranean glow, and the cistern’s water carries a beautiful reflection of the crisscrossing archway that supports the roof above it.

Butrón Castle in Gatika

The appearance of this medieval castle is straight out of a fairytale. Four immense bastions mark each corner, and watchtowers emerge from the center of the castle. Colourful ivy vines climb up its distressed walls for a striking contrast.

An Instagram-worthy destination like Butrón Castle is made even better by its ambiance. The castle and its garden, which sit atop a hill, are surrounded by a thick forest of oak, sequoias, palm trees and other species. There’s a magical, romantic air to the entire area.

Windmills of Conseguera

Imagine driving on the highway and coming upon 12 white-tower windmills leading to a medieval hilltop fortress. The sight is so stunning that it inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write about these bucolic windmills in his highly praised 17th-century novel Don Quixote.

Although the windmills and surrounding plains are gorgeous in the daylight, the scenery is even more dramatic around sunrise and sunset. You may find the area less crowded too, which is ideal when you’re trying to snap the perfect Insta pose.

Lavender Fields in Brihuega

It’s practically a requirement for travel-loving Instagrammers to share a post or story of a casual stroll through a lavender field in bloom. The sight is absolutely breathtaking. Brilliant purple with hints of green are visible in every direction, and the scent is intoxicating.

Brihuega can be reached in just over an hour’s drive from Madrid and is well worth the day trip. Of course, you must time it right. Visit in July, but consider arriving during the second half of the month when peak flowering typically occurs.

Amargo Restaurant in Madrid

Make your way downstairs to access this basement restaurant. Amargo’s domed, brick-covered ceiling, illuminated by candlelight, gives it a true subterranean ambience. The cozy and off-the-beaten-path vibe already makes it picture-perfect for Instagram, but the carefully plated food and curated cocktails are worthy of their own shots.

Tapas at Tickets in Barcelona

Spain is known for its tapas (or pintxos, depending on which region you’re in). Barcelona is a fantastic city to indulge in these small plates, and their presentation makes for an Instagram-worthy opportunity.

Tickets Restaurant touts itself as providing an haute cuisine experience—and it delivers. The chef’s beautifully plated food makes for envy-inducing photos. Take snaps of bites like sea urchin “pide” with yuzu and smoked butter; crunchy octopus with kimchi mayonnaise and pickled cucumber; and three pigs brioche with pork belly, havarti cheese and Dijon mustard.

Parc Güell in Barcelona

This masterpiece from architect Antoni Gaudí is unconventional in the playful style that Gaudí is so well known for. Some areas are bursting with colourful mosaics while others boast earthy, organic hues. There are playful buildings near the entrance, with a natural stone facade and tiled roof, that are reminiscent of gingerbread houses.

One of the most Instagrammable spots in Parc Güell is called The Laundry Room Portico. Slanted columns built from unworked stone support the length of the portico, making for a dramatic backdrop to any snapshot.

Ronda Village in Andalusia

This historic, cliffside village is perched above the deep El Tajo gorge. The 18th-century bridge that straddles the chasm is a popular spot for photos. There is also a nearby lookout point that provides the most dramatic views of Ronda and the vertical rock face that plunges into the gorge below. The village’s narrow, cobbled streets and tightly packed, whitewashed buildings can only be described as an Instagram jackpot. Everywhere you turn, another quaint detail screams to be photographed.

Stone Houses of Potes

This small, medieval village is as cute as it gets. It’s nestled in an idyllic valley in the Picos de Europa. Lush mountains rise all around, and multiple rivers snake through the village. Its stone houses and bridges are quite attractive and transport you to a much earlier, simpler time. Although this is the perfect destination to get off the grid, you really can’t help but share some snaps on social media.

Frigiliana in Málaga

This charming village is the epitome of an Instagram gold mine. Every turn down a narrow pedestrian street reveals another eye-catching feature of this gorgeous destination. Vivid pink flowers flow over banisters of whitewashed buildings. Bright blue doors are flanked by ceramic pots. The tasteful designs incorporated into the cobbled pathways around this quiet village add interest to any photo.

Colourful Fishing Village of Hondarribia

Right on the edge of Basque country—and literally just across the water from France— Hondarribia stands out as a less-touristed but highly interesting destination. It’s the multi-level Basque houses with their colourful balconies that make this village an especially postcard-worthy destination. The cobbled streets add to its charm, and the gorgeous view of France across the water doesn’t hurt either.