COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may impact your travel plans. Wherever you're going, you'll find the latest advice here.

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JustFly Flight Deals 2020

We know that it may not be the best time to travel. But in addition to providing updates and advice regarding COVID-19, we still want to share the best deals happening right now so that when the world does open its doors again, you'll be ready to explore it.

When you search flights on Skyscanner, you’re getting results from the best of JustFly and the rest of the web, all in one place. Any JustFly-specific deals are updated regularly on this page!

Find JustFly Flight Deals Now

Departure CityDestination
Round-Trip Fare
BostonLas VegasI want to see the best deals
BostonLondonI want to see the best deals
ChicagoGuatemala CityI want to see the best deals
Los AngelesVancouverI want to see the best deals
Los AngelesLas VegasI want to see the best deals
MiamiMadridI want to see the best deals
MiamiMexico CityI want to see the best deals
New York CityMexico CityI want to see the best deals
New York CityRomeI want to see the best deals

Please check your airline’s flight cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, as well as travel bans and restrictions, before booking a flight.

See the latest information about coronavirus flight cancellations here.

We strongly recommend reviewing the coronavirus advice from your local authorities and governments, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of State, as well as the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) — a reliable and trusted source of global news and information.

Cheap Flights with JustFly

JustFly is an online travel agency “created by a team of technological experts with many years of experience in the travel industry”.

JustFly is consistently rated highly on customer service. 

How to Book with JustFly

Searching for flights on Skyscanner will show you the prices of the flight on, on other online travel agencies, and through individual airlines websites. To book a flight with JustFly simply:

  • Conduct a flight search on Skyscanner
  • After selecting your desired flights, you can choose JustFly on the results page.
  • Click JustFly and you will be redirected to their site where you can enter your information and finish booking. 
Scroll down the results page to find JustFly and click select to be redirected to their website

(Using Skyscanner to search first still allows you to earn through the JustFly rewards program as you normally would.)

Payment Methods Accepted by JustFly

To purchase through JustFly, you need to have a Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, UATP or Visa debit/credit card. 

JustFly Contact Info 

The number for JustFly customer service is 1-800-717-5015

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