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Kentucky Bourbon Trail Lovers Bucket List

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail should be on every bourbon lover's vacation list. There are 10 official distilleries and several craft distilleries on the trail for your enjoyment. Grab your friends and head to Kentucky to tour the rolling hills, picturesque countryside, and of course get your fill of bourbon whisky.

Let’s talk about that smoky, sweet and delicious treat we like to call Bourbon. A versatile piece of heaven that always has us coming back for more. I was lucky enough to spend a summer in Lexington, Kentucky and was unable to separate myself from this stuff.

Highlights When Heading Down the Bourbon Trail

1. The Bourbon Trail

A magical trail in Kentucky that  leads you to ten different distilleries along the way. The deep Kentucky history is apparent as your make your way to the famous distilleries.

bourbon bar
Did you know that any distillery can call their spirit bourbon? The assumption that the liquor must be made in Bourbon County is just a tall tale.

Many employees of the distilleries are 2nd and 3rd generation to their distillery and have a vast knowledge of the records of the distillery along with the flavors and processes it takes to make this magical spirit.

2. Woodford Reserve

mint julep
Kentucky’s famous mint julep cocktail.

One of the first distilleries I had ever been too. Enchanting and the landscape is absolutely gorgeous. On our tour , we were guided by a woman named Nancy who told us she had one taste of Woodford Reserve and never left.

During the tour you see how the Bourbon is made while the scent of smoky caramel is in the air. By the end of the tour your mouth is watering for a taste of Woodford.

Concluding the tour you get a complimentary Bourbon ball chocolate and a shot of Woodford. After the tour we sat out of the wrap around porch and watched horses running on the land while sipping our Woodford. Needless to say we bought four bottles by the end of the tour.

3. Buffalo Trace

mashing process
The mashing process pictured above is when grains are added to water and give off lots of heat during fermentation. 

A much larger, almost more commercial feeling distillery Buffalo Trace is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States. Buffalo Trace exceeded expectations on every level. You walk up and are dumbstruck by the sheer size of it.

We were led by a man named Michael who looked like he had walked straight out of a country western movie. He had us laughing the entire time as we watched how Bourbon was barreled and shipped out.

Again the mouth watering smell of Bourbon was in the air. By the end you get to try two of the products they make there. Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Wheatley Vodka and White Dog, with the original Buffalo Trace being my favorite. This place and Michael the guide are not to be missed.

4. Lexington, Kentucky

Our daily adventures always brought us here after a funfilled day. Lexington is charming yet wild , to say the least. My friends and I nicknamed it Lex-Vegas.  We ended up at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant.

We had some traditional bar food that hit the spot and they had a amazing beer special. Charlie Brown’s looks like your Grandma’s basement so it was a really fun experience. There were plenty of affordable hotels around to chose from. We had booked a hotel at Springhill Suites which was super comfy and also affordable.

Who’s Coming With You?

Any of your friends to agree Bourbon is amazing should be booking this trip. Bourbon Trail is something you absolutely have to do, at least once in your life. Check out my favorites Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve

Lexington, Kentucky is an easy, welcoming town to get around. Lexington and the Bourbon Trail are a quick and cheap vacation to take with a group of friends with easy driving access and direct flights to Lexington.

Plan your trip to Lexington

Because there are so many options to consider, proper planning is in order. Get ahead and plan early. In doing so, you can save more time on your trip and save more money on your accommodations. 

Flight can vary in price based on where you are flying in from. Overall, a flight to Lexington is reasonable. Similarly Lexington’s location is definitely drivable and you should have no trouble getting there. 

Some things to consider when traveling on the Bourbon Trail

Be responsible. You’ve probably heard it often enough, but it’s important to drink responsibly and exercise caution. I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but just be aware of your surroundings and never get behind the wheel after you are drinking.

Time to Explore the Bourbon Trail.

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