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Majority of Americans prefer driving over flying for Thanksgiving

Lots of people are driving home for Thanksgiving. But why are they hitting the road? Are they renting cars? Let’s find out!

Thanksgiving travel usually means waiting in long lines at the airport. But Americans are now taking to the highways and byways to get home like never before. We’ve asked people in every region of the United States how they’re heading home, and the numbers may surprise you.

Road trip’s the way to go for Thanksgiving

While 24 percent of Americans surveyed are planning to fly their desired Turkey Day destination, an overwhelming 66 percent are opting to hit the roads, either in their own car or a rented car, for the trip. This shouldn’t be too surprising since AAA projected 43.4 million Americans would travel at least 50 miles to reach their Thanksgiving destination in 2013.

Save your personal ride and rent a car for the trip

So we know a lot of folks like to head home in their own ride, but there’s also a contingent of Americans who prefer to take to the road in a rental car. According to our 2014 Thanksgiving Travel Index, eight percent of the population plans on renting a car for their trip. Why would you rent a car instead of using your own for holiday travel? For 62 percent of our respondents, they’d rather rent a car to avoid adding extra wear and tear to their own automobile. Additional reasons for renting a car include having a car to do their own thing while in town, having a car to lug around a lot of luggage, and the fact that a rental car is simply more cost effective than other means of transport.

Oh good, more traffic

Whether you’re taking your own car or renting one, there’s one thing people could live without during a Thanksgiving trip – traffic. Yes, 51 percent of respondents list traffic as the top stressor while driving during the holidays. Being in a logjam of cars isn’t anybody’s idea of fun, especially for those of us with kids. That’s why we have some tips on keeping the little ones happy during a long road trip.

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