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Marvel cinematic universe destinations

Plan a trip fit for a superhero to one of the filming locations from some of Marvel's biggest blockbusters.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, you may spend some time fantasizing about visiting the mystical cities and alternate worlds that serve as backdrops to the beloved stories. While it’s true you can’t zap over to Asgard for a visit, fans of the Marvel films do have a chance to see where some of the movie magic happened. If you’re looking to plan a super vacation, consider visiting one of these locations from the films where you can get in touch with your inner hero.

1. Edwards Air Force Base, California (Iron Man)

Take some time to learn about the air force while channeling Tony Stark by visiting the Edwards Air Force Base. Scenes from Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were shot at the base, located in Southern California. In fact, both movies featured airmen who served as extras and took on small roles during the scenes. Though you probably won’t see Iron Man floating around, you can take a free tour of the base, or visit the museum, the Air Force Flight Test Museum, which is located on site.

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2. Toronto, Canada (The Incredible Hulk)

Much of this 2008 Marvel blockbuster was shot in Toronto. Fans of the flick can take a trip to the Great White North to visit some of Bruce Banner’s favorite haunts. Torontoist went through and picked out many of the locations that are featured, including several around the University of Toronto, Yonge Street and the Cherry Street Bridge. There are also locations from the movie that were filmed in other parts of Canada, such as CFB Trenton in Ontario, if you want to extend your Hulk-themed trip.

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3. Galisteo, New Mexico (Thor)

Galisteo has a unique claim to fame in the Marvel universe. Unlike other locations, which were simply adapted as settings, the crew of “Thor” constructed an entire city especially for the movie in this small area of New Mexico, making this a must-see spot for fans of the man with the magic hammer. Located near Sante Fe, Galisteo is a fairly small community; however, there is a large art district for those looking to take a studio tour, as well as the Galisteo Basin for those who want to explore the area’s ecology.

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4. United Kingdom (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Ironically, “Captain America: The First Avenger” was shot primarily in various locations throughout the United Kingdom. Fans of the red, white and blue superhero now have an excuse to travel throughout the UK visiting some of their favorite settings from the film. Locations include spots in England, Liverpool, and Wales. Interestingly, some of the scenes set in Brooklyn were actually shot in Manchester, London and Liverpool, while many of the fighting and war scenes took place in Caerwent, Wales, at the Royal Navy Propellant Factory.

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5. Cleveland, Ohio (The Avengers)

Captain America wasn’t the only Marvel flick that used another city as a stand-in for the Big Apple. In the first Avengers film, many of the shots that are meant to be in New York City were actually filmed in downtown Cleveland. In fact, many Cleveland natives served as extras for the film. New York wasn’t the only city Cleveland stood in for, however. The scene meant to take place in Germany was also filmed there. Other areas of Ohio also got some screen time, such as Cincinnati.

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6. Iceland (Thor: The Dark World)

As if the natural beauty and overwhelming culture weren’t strong enough motivators to hop on a flight to Iceland, fans of the second Thor movie now have another reason to plan a visit. The cast and crew of “Thor: The Dark World” made their way from New Mexico, where the first film was primarily shot, overseas to both England and Iceland to film the second installment of the Norse god’s story. Locations in Iceland including Reykjavík, the country’s capital, and the Skógafoss Waterfall, one of its most popular attractions.

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7. Atlanta, Georgia (Ant-Man)

Fans of Marvel’s most recent blockbuster may want to plan a trip to Georgia to see where this pint-sized hero saved the world. Not only did the film employ Pinewood Atlanta Studios, but many of its key scenes were shot around the Atlanta area. If you’ve seen it on the big screen, you may have recognized some Atlanta landmarks including the Archives Building and Bank of America building. Like many of Marvel’s other flicks, this film employed a lot of natives as extras and in other roles during the movie’s production.

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