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How To Book Multi City Flights on Skyscanner 2019

Learn what a multi city flight is, and how to use Skyscanner's multi city search feature to build the perfect itinerary for your next trip.

Start by selecting “multi-city” in the search box below, entering your desired origin & destinations 👇


What is a multi-city flight and why should I use Skyscanner?

A multi city flight combines flights between several cities into one reservation, saving you the time of booking one way tickets between each city. Search on the Skyscanner website to find the best available deals for multi destination flights.

Click above image to start your multi-city flight search

Airlines include layovers on flight routes to give you potentially cheaper tickets, so why not use the same method to get savings on your round the world trip? Be a savvy traveler and search, compare and directly book your entire itinerary in one click using Skyscanner’s multi-city flight search . This is the best way to ensure you make savings on your flight itinerary when searching for multi destination flights.  

Multi-City Flight Search Results

You save time and money all at once, while guaranteeing the perfect trip to multiple destinations across the US, Europe, Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world!

The Easy Way to Book Multi City Flights with the Skyscanner App

It’s super easy. Follow this simple 4 step guide:

  1. On the Skyscanner app look for and select ‘Multi-city’ at the top of the search panel, next to the ‘one way’ and ’roundtrip’ options.
  2. Enter up to six legs  of your journey, selecting the departure airport, destination, dates, number of passengers and cabin class you wish. You can make your multi destination flights choices on the website or with the Skyscanner app. 
  3. Click the green ‘Search flights’ button and you’ll be taken to a page that displays all of the flight results. To find your perfect flight, use the filters along the left-hand side.
  4. Book your flight by clicking the green ‘Select’ button on the right hand side of the search result box. You’ll be sent directly to the airline or travel agent’s website where you can complete your booking.
Book Multi-City Flights in the App

The search screen on the app looks like this. When you have finished entering your multi destination flights, the best deals for cheap flights will appear, sorted by price.

The Easy Way to Book Multi City Flights on the Skyscanner website

  1. Open the Skyscanner homepage on your internet browser, select ‘Multi-city’ at the top of the search panel.
  2. Enter up to six legs of your journey, selecting your departure airport, destination and dates from the drop-down menus. The more flexible you are with dates the wider range of prices you will see. If you don’t know where you want to go you could focus on continents or countries to view your options. 
  3. Choose the number of passengers and cabin class you wish to search for.
  4. Hit the green ‘Search’ button. You’ll be taken to a page that displays all of the results for the flights you’ve chosen. Use the filters along the left-hand side to choose preferred departure times, airline, airports, total journey duration and number of stops.
  5. If you would like to find out more about any part of your journey, click the ‘Details’ link on the bottom left of each search result box. This will then open a pop-up window – from here you can see the details for each flight by using the arrows to expand the box.
  6. Book your flight by hitting the green ‘Select’ button on the right hand side of the search result box. You’ll be redirected to the airline or travel agent’s website where you can complete your booking.

The image above is an example of how your travel search box will look when you have entered your preferred destinations and details.

You will then be able to look through all the deals and flight options availble to complete your multi city flight journey.

For some more travel inspiration, let’s take a look at a multi city flights trip across Europe. If you are interested in finding out more about multi city trips, read this article.

European Multi City Air Travel

Fly to Europe from London

London: The easiest way to start your journey from North America to destinations in Europe is to arrive at one of the main airport hubs on the continent. London is an exciting European city, the capital of the United Kingdom. It also has two international airports with excellent links to airports in the United States and across Europe. Book flights from your preffered airport to arrive in London and then travel on to your next destination with ease.

Fly to Edinburgh

Edinburgh: With a multi trip search you can cross the globe or take advantage of cheap flights to hop between destinations in the same country. A journey around Europe could include a trip to Edinburgh for a city bursting with culture, history and warm hospitality. 

Ciudades en las que se rodó Sense8: Berlín
Berlín at night

Berlin: A fantastic destination and another city that allows options to travel to other exciting European countries, choose cheap flights to Berlin. A multi city flight search will reveal the best deals available to continue your journey.

Fly to Paris 

Paris: A mere one hour forty five minute flight from Berlin, fly to Paris to experience everything the French capital has to offer. Multi city flights allow you to effortlessly combine different travel experiences within the one trip.

Fly to Lisbon

Lisbon: Another flight, another country and another top travel destination to add to your list. Lisbon in Portugal is one of the most recommendend places in Europe for a city break. Find out for yourself before finishing your journey with a flight back to the United States. 

Search, compare and book your Multi City Flight now. 👇

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