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Overseas Adventure Travel 101


“Overseas adventure travel” means different things to different people, because “adventure” is a subjective term.

For somebody who usually takes cruises and package tours, a bus trip to a pineapple plantation might constitute and adventure. For people who recently climbed Mt. Everest, the threshold for “adventurous” is considerably higher.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of adventure, our experts have put together a list of five essential considerations to get ready for your next overseas travel adventure, wherever that may be and whatever it might entail.

1. Double-Check Your Visas and Credentials

Overseas adventure travel often takes you into areas off the beaten path. Some of those countries have more restrictive visa requirements than those with more tourists coming and going.

Although most overseas adventure travel outfits will handle visa details for you, you should always double-check with the officials for the country you will visit. Look especially at how long your passport must be valid for, any cash purchases you’ll need to make at immigration, and (oddly) how many blank pages your passport must have.

2. Get Into Shape

Although some forms of adventure travel require little more than riding in a jeep and walking a few yards, others can be outright strenuous. You should start a training regimen at least three months before your trip begins, and it should include both general cardiovascular training and work for any specific actions (climbing, running, swimming, kayaking) your trip will entail.

Besides, all vacations are more fun if you’re not out of breath the whole time.

3. Do Your Research

This is true of all kinds of travel. The more you know about the local geography, cuisine, flora, fauna, customs, currency, and language the more you’ll get out of any trip. But with adventure travel, this is extra-important for two reasons.

First, adventure travel takes you farther away from the touristy areas. That means there will be less to accommodate foreigners, so you’ll have to be more comfortable with what the locals do.

Second, adventure travel has a narrower margin for error. In the rare event that something goes wrong, your understanding of local details can make things go right again that much faster.

4. Learn to Travel Light

With overseas adventure travel you’ll be carrying your bags much more than with, say, a cruise, or a few days at a local resort. This means you’ll want your bags to be as small and light as possible.

Learn how to get by with just a few articles of clothing by quickly washing them while on the road. Jettison what’s nonessential, and pack the smallest possible versions of your toiletries. Overseas adventure travel is a chance to learn how to get as much as you can from where you go instead of what you take with you.

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5. Bring the Right Gear

An overseas travel adventure is not the time to make do with substandard equipment. From your backpack to your books, you’ll want comfortable, high-quality kit that won’t break and won’t break you.

Splurge on the best gear you can afford, and use it enough before you go that it’s comfortably broken down. Bonus points for buying stuff you’ll use after you come home.