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Philippine Airlines Bereavement Fares

Read on to learn about bereavement fares and discount airline policies for Philippine Airlines, Delta, and Air Canada with flights leaving from the Philippines.

Traveling due to the loss of a loved one can no doubt be a stressful and complicated time. Fortunately, some airlines are sensitive to the situation. They offer airline discounts to customers in their time of need. The term for these discounts is ‘bereavement fares’ or ‘compassionate fares.’ For those wondering, do Philippine Airlines bereavement fares exist? Yes, they do!


Philippine Airlines Bereavement Flight Policy

Many airlines no longer offer bereavement fares. But, Philippine Airlines is one of the few who still do. They offer discounts for customers flying due to the death of a loved one.

Although there isn’t any detailed information on their website, guests are encouraged to contact the Philippines Airlines. Call the reservations line at 1-800-563-2800 for more information.

Bereavement fare discount alternatives

Even when airlines do offer discount bereavement fares, this discount may not be the best available. Typically, airline customers who fly for reasons during bereavement will be utilizing last minute flights.

Skyscanner offers many ways to search for last minute deals. Many of them are easy to use with the Skyscanner App including last minute flights, flight deals under $100, and Skyscanner Price Alerts.

Another option is to book flights through the book now, pay later feature on Skyscanner. This can alleviate the immediate financial strain of booking a bereavement flight. The cost of a flight is delayed to a later date. It works just like a credit system. Fights can are paid off with multiple installments. This option is currently available for specific airlines. Those included are British Airways, American Airlines, and KLM. Down payments and other terms vary by carrier.

Philippine Airlines bereavement fares

Bereavement fares with other Asian airlines

Perhaps the Philippine Airlines bereavement fares aren’t a desirable rate. Or, maybe there are better last-minute flight options offered by a different carrier.

Unfortunately, there are very few options for bereavement fares. Many major airlines including Air Asia, Japan Airlines, Thai Airlines, Jet Blue, Singapore Airlines do not offer bereavement fares.

Airlines servicing Asia that do offer bereavement fares include Delta and Air Canada. However, neither policy is available for purchase online.

Philippine Airlines Bereavement Fares

Delta offers bereavement flights exclusively to members of the SkyMiles program. The Bereavement Policy can be purchased by calling 1-800-241-4141.

Air Canada offers bereavement flights including Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express. The policy is valid on economy class flights. Tickets purchased under the North America Basic fare or codeshare flights do not qualify. Flights must be within 10 days to 60 days of booking.

Can you cancel flights due to the death of a family member?

In some cases, bereavement might not require an unexpected flight booking. Rather, it might result in an unexpected flight cancellation. Perhaps a trip is already booked, but unforeseen circumstances, like the death of a loved, will result in a canceled trip.

Surprisingly, there are a few airline companies who go above and beyond their competitors in this regard. One of them is Ryanair, showing their compassionate side with a 100% refund offered to travelers who are in mourning. This offer is valid for travelers who experience the death of a family member (or travel companion) within 28 days of their intended travel date.