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Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways and Flight Deals

Listen up guys and girls: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re searching for Romantic Valentine’s Day getaways, now is the time to find the perfect destination and book your flight deal.

Fast Facts: Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways

  • Most Popular US Destination for Valentine’s Day 2019: Miami
  • Most Popular International Romantic Getaway: London, United Kingdom
  • Biggest Search Volume Increse: Week after holiday
  • Cheapest Month to Book for Valentine’s Day: August

Valentine’s Day Getaways 2019

Valentine’s Day getaways are often planned months in advance to ensure the most romantic vacation possible. We have analyzed Skyscanner flight booking data to give you more information on when travelers are booking their trips to this year.

We’ve also identified some of the most popular romantic getaways, as well as the best travel bargains, available this year.

Fly to Miami 

Top Trending US Destinations for February 2019 Include:

Top Trending International Destinations for February 2019 Include:

  • Fly to London, United Kingdom, for $321
  • Spend Valentine’s Day in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, with prices starting at $520
  • Take a romantic tip to Bangkok, Thailand, with prices from $456
  • Discover the romance of Paris, with flights from $290
  • Fly to Cancun, Mexico for Valentine’s Day 2019, for $201
  • Spend Valentine’s Day in Tokyo, Japan, for $464

When is Valentine’s Day 2019?

The most romantic day of the year, St Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, February 14th in 2019.

Cheapest Month to Book Flights for Valentine’s Day

Travelers often choose to mark St Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway. Flight searches in August could offer the best value with prices 7% cheaper. The average price of flights are $549. Search with Skyscanner in October and the average flight price is $557. Valentine’s Day flight bookings average $558 when cofirmed with Skyscanner in December.

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Cheapest Week to Book Flights for a Valentine’s Day Getaway

Choosing the right week to book your romantic vacation can help travelers find savings. Setting up a Skyscanner price alert is the easiest way to track changes in price for routes you are interested in booking.

Data from previous bookings suggests that the biggest savings will be made 19 weeks before Valentine’s Day, when flights are 15% cheaper. Another opportunity could come 11 weeks before Valentine’s Day, when flights could be around 12% cheaper.

Avoid booking last minute flights around Valentine’s Day itself as flights can be 21% more expensive in the middle of February. 

How Do Valentine’s Day Flights Compare to Regular Travel?

Destination Avg. Price Week Before Valentine’s Day Average Price Valentine’s Day % Markup
London, United Kingdom $673.91 $628.57 -6.73%
Miami, United States
$259.88 $304.02 16.99%
Orlando, United States
$246.56 $257.1 4.27%
Paris, France
$544.89 $609.2 11.8%
Mexico City, Mexico
$321.81 $329.93 2.52%
Rome, Italy
$519.65 $582.33 12.06%
Port Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
$524.44 $822.72 56.88%
Barcelona, Spain
$570.54 $501.09 -12.17%

When are Travelers Searching for Valentine’s Flights?

The spirit of romances stretches beyond the confines of Valentine’s Day itself. Search volume increases during the holiday week. Search volume then continues into the week after Valentine’s Day. You can see the changes in searches for romantic getaways in this chart. 

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Need some more inspiration on where to go? Here are our top picks for Romantic Valentine’s getaways.

1. Orlando

Fun-loving couples will have the ultimate Valentine’s Day getaway in Orlando, Florida. Spend the day laughing and playing at Walt Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, or the Magic Kingdom. February typically rewards Orlando visitors with perfect temperatures to spend all day enjoying the outdoors.

Beyond the amusement parks, there are swanky spas, world-class shopping, golfing, and a booming wine bar and brewery scene to cheers to your relationship in style.

room service romantic champagne

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2. Miami

Just like Orlando, you can expect plenty of sun and warm weather in Miami in February. But it’s the nightlife here that gets really hot— a perfect destination for couples looking to dance their way through a Valentine’s Day weekend.

Rest away the day on South Beach, go for a stroll down the boardwalk, and treat yourself at night with splendid food, cold drinks, and endless entertainment.

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3. Las Vegas

Sin City might seem like a bachelor destination, but couples will be surprised at the romanticism Las Vegas can offer. Relax poolside together at your resort or visit one of the ultra-luxurious spas for a couple’s massage. When you feel like exploring, there is no end to the options for casinos, museums, and activities. Each hotel on The Strip is a destination in itself.

Vegas makes date nights easy with many Michelin star restaurants and an abundance of shows featuring the world’s most loved singers, magicians, comedians, and more. Just make sure to book your room early and make reservations for dinners and shows as the popular spots fill up fast!

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4. New Orleans

Jazz, jerk chicken, beignets, and blues— Valentine’s Day in the Big Easy is ideal for couples looking for typical romanticism… but to the tune of a brass band.

This is not the destination for couples hoping for your average rest and relaxation. Instead, it’s a perfect spot to cozy up together at night in an adorable B&B and then spend the day exploring haunted mansions and listening to live music.

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5. Denver

Whatever you want out of your Valentine’s Day getaway, you’ll find it in Denver. A couple hours away are plenty of snowy peaks dotted with the coziest of inns and log cabins. Bundle up and hit the slopes for a romantic day of chairlift cuddles and après-ski by the fire.

You can also spend your time in the city, visiting couple-favorite hot spots like The Clocktower Cabaret where the best in live entertainment is accompanied by desserts, cocktails, and a decor that all ooze romanticism.

two sets of skis stuck in snow

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6. Chicago

The unique charm of Chicago is unlike any city on this list. It is going to be cold (and windy, of course) in February, but Chicago’s romantic side is snuggled up inside its museums, cafes, and restaurants. Imagine staring into your loved one’s eyes over a massive deep dish pizza. Get lost together inside the Shedd Aquarium’s underwater world.

Chicago is also the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway for art lovers looking to spend their time roaming the halls of the many famous galleries and museums.

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7. Houston

If you’re looking to experience some true Texas culture for Valentine’s Day, Houston is full of places to indulge in smoked meats, whiskey, and honky tonks.

But Houston is a softie at heart. You can expect Valentine’s Day here to include some amazing art, science, and cuisine as well. Impressive graffiti are scattered around town and a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences is a must (a visit to the Butterfly Center here would make a great Valentine’s date).

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8. Washington D.C.

An easy choice for lovers of U.S. culture and history, Washington D.C. has plenty to do for lovers of all sorts. In February, you’ll find ice skating rinks all over the city. Grab a bench and a hot cocoa and enjoy sweeping views of the nation’s capital.

To brighten up a winter day in the Northeast, the U.S. Botanical Gardens are open for free to the public.

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9. Dallas

On top of romantic restaurants, comedy clubs, and swanky lounges, Dallas has more choices for Valentine’s Day activities than you could fit into one trip.

Reunion Tower is the perfect down-on-one-knee spot if you’re looking to make Valentine’s Day in Dallas a trip to really remember. The sphere-topped tower of lights offers a stunning eyeful of the Dallas Skyline and the staff takes special requests to accommodate proposals.

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10. Hawaii: Honolulu, Kauai or Maui

Sure, Hawaii is the most obvious choice for a romantic getaway during Valentine’s Day. But that is for good reasons— palm trees, lush green hikes, and sunset dinners on the beach (to name a few).

Consider island-hopping between Oahu, Kauai, and Maui to get a taste of the different islands. While Honolulu offers the most in the way of shopping and nightlife, Kauai and Maui both have a special romanticism, perfect for couples looking to embrace the tranquility.

couple holding hands on beach during sunset

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11. Cancun

White-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and tacos and margaritas as far as the eye can see— what could be more romantic? Cancun is the perfect destination for a Valentine’s Day getaway drenched in sunshine.

Whether you and your loved one are more into fiestas or siestas, Cancun offers the perfect balance of relaxation and crazy nightlife to suit any couple.

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