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Safest Countries to Visit in 2019

Are you worried about travel safety in 2019 but still looking to visit some pretty spectacular countries? This list has 10 of the safest countries to visit (and they happen to be some of our favorites as well).

These are the Safest Countries to Visit in 2019:

  1. Zambia
  2. Slovenia
  3. Japan
  4. New Zealand
  5. Norway
  6. Chile
  7. Austria
  8. Singapore
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Portugal

The US Department of State has recently begun assigning every country a travel advisory level (1-4) to help label the safest countries in the world. We’ve taken these level 1, “exercise normal precautions,” countries and combined them with the Global Peace Index from 2017 to create a list of the best and safest countries to visit this year.

The Global Peace Index is a comprehensive evaluation of each country’s level of militarization, domestic/international conflict levels, and societal safety and security. The “State of Peace” for these countries all ranked as “Very High” or “High” on the Global Peace Index for 2017 .

**Remember to always be vigilant no matter how safe a country usually is, these suggestions are strictly based on statistics and rankings by the GPI and the US State Department.**

These are the safest places to travel in 2019:

1. Zambia – “High”

Tied with the United Kingdom in 41st on the Global Peace Index, Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Lions and zebras and the second-largest wildebeest migration on the African continent can be found in Liuwa Plain, in the bush of western Zambia.

2. Slovenia – “Very High”

According to the Global Peace Index, Slovenia is the 7th safest country in the world. Ljubljana was awarded the ‘Green Capital of Europe’ title in 2016, and the banks of its shamrock-colored river host a cafe culture that rivals the best of Europe’s capital cities. The church-topped island of Lake Bled is the perfect centerpiece for rowing, biking, and hiking in the Julian Alps.

3. Japan – “Very High”

You will feel safer in Japan than you do nearly anywhere else on Earth. Ranked 10th by the GPI, Japan is a country of exquisite food, unspoiled nature, and a tangible sense of well-being. Tokyo and Osaka were ranked the #1 and #3 safest cities in the world, respectively, by The Economist in 2017.

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4. New Zealand – “Very High”

New Zealand is the 2nd safest country in the world, placing only behind Iceland on the GPI.

Kiwis will be the first to admit that there isn’t much to worry about on their Pacific islands. You’ll be free to focus all your energy on the subtropical, volcanic, and glacial landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Use Skyscanner’s Cheapest Month Search to find the best deals on flights to New Zealand.

5. Norway – “High”

It’s legal and free to camp on any public land in Norway and you will feel perfectly safe and content to do so. Norway is ranked 14th by the GPI and visitors to this fjord-filled nation will have an instant sense of safety– whether they’re in downtown Oslo or the remote Svalbard Islands.

6. Chile – “High”

Chile is ranked as the safest country in Latin America at #24 on the GPI.

Santiago is a vibrant cosmopolitan that can be endlessly and safely explored by visitors. Venturing further south in Chile will lead you by beaches, lakes, volcanoes, and into the incomparably beautiful Patagonia. Keep venturing south and you’ll reach the end of the continent and the gateway to Antarctica.

7. Austria – “Very High”

Surrounded by the magic of Austria, it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong. And very little does nowadays– Austria is currently the 4th safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.

Salzburg’s gardens and cobblestones will welcome visitors to this European country rich in Alpine mountains, castles, lake vistas, and medieval towns.

8. Singapore – “High”

Singapore has an incredibly low crime rate and is sandwiched between Tokyo and Osaka at the #2 place on The Economist’s list of safest cities in the world.

Breathtaking architecture and flourishing gardens live in perfect harmony in Singapore’s culturally diverse metropolis. Cheap flights to Singapore can be found if you use Skyscanner’s Price Alerts to get notified when flight cost drops.

9. Costa Rica – “High”

Pura Vida. It’s more than a national motto, it’s how Costa Ricans live: with respect, joy, and a national desire to keep life simple. Costa Rica is the 2nd safest country in Latin America and the happiest country on Earth according to the Happy Planet Index, making it a safe (and stunning!) place to visit in 2019.

10. Portugal – “Very High”

The beaches of the Algarve, Lisbon’s painted tiles, and Porto’s charm will all make a visit to Portugal worth the journey. But Portugal also happens to be the 3rd safest country to visit by the GPI’s standards. Keep an eye on your belongings in heavy tourist areas, but otherwise, this coastal country is the perfect place to leave your stress at home.

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