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Solo Travel to Ireland: Plan Your Trip

Solo travel to Ireland is one of the most popular ways to explore the Emerald Isle. Here's why you should book flights and plan a trip to Ireland on your own.

Plan out your solo travel to Ireland and prepare for a rewarding vacation full of culture, music, striking scenery, and historic communities. Whether you choose to fly to Dublin, explore the sunny southeast from Cork or tour the west coast from Galway, discover Ireland on your own this year.

Solo Travelers: Reasons to Visit to Ireland

Solo travel to Ireland has been a rite of passage for generations of Americans. Sometimes the impetus to visit is based on family links due to Irish emigration to the United States. In other cases, inspiration might come from books, plays or films set in different locations.

John F. Kennedy, Robert De Niro, Matthew Broderick, and Angelica Huston are among the famous Americans who have set off to travel around Ireland on their own.

If you are considering solo travel to Ireland, now is a great time to get up and go! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is a smart choice for your next solo vacation.

Solo travel to Ireland: Fly to Galway
Fly to Galway

1. Ireland is Ready for You

10% of all American visitors to Europe fly to Ireland, despite competition from other popular destinations. That’s around 1.4 million Americans each year. There’s not a corner of the country that’s not welcomed tourists from across the Atlantic so, wherever you go, they will be ready to welcome solo travelers from the US and answer any of your questions. Expect an authentic Irish experience that is very accessible to visitors from North America.

2. Solo Travel in Ireland: Varied Accommodations

From castles to caravans, from luxury hotels to hostels. Ireland excels in providing accommodations with character and first-class hospitality. You can very easily scan through the options available in different parts of Ireland and plan your trip using the Skyscanner Hotel Search box below.

3. Easy Transportation

Compared to many European countries, Ireland is a very easy country to navigate on your own. There are options for regional flights to allow you to reach different destinations quickly and safely. Additionally, there’s a national bus service that can be booked online, and trains to popular tourist spots like Galway, Cork, and Limerick. You will always be able to access helpful local travel information so you can move around with confidence.

Solo Travel: Fly to Cork

4. Irish Love Talking to Visitors

Around Ireland, particularly in the countryside, locals will give you the space to enjoy your own company and spend time enjoying your food and drink in cafes or bars. However, if you want to strike up a conversation at any time, that’s the easiest thing to accomplish. Tourism is hugely important to the Irish economy so visitors are made to feel welcome. If you are looking for travel tips, or if you have lost your way, there will be someone around to help. Ireland is a great place to meet interesting people. As Ireland is a haven for solo travelers, you might find others with similar interests to compare notes on your journey.

5. Become Part of the Community

Ireland is punctuated by characterful villages and ancient towns. Solo travel in Ireland means being close to the small communities that you encounter. You will have an opportunity to get to know the history, music, and spirit of the places that you visit. If you choose to stay in a bed and breakfast accommodation, then you will soon feel like one of the family!

6. An Island of Outstanding Food and Drink

Whether it’s fine dining or casual meals in the pub, solo travelers to Ireland will have exceptional local produce to choose from. Each part of Ireland is associated with different craft breweries and whiskey distilleries. As a rural country, Ireland is renowned for supplying some of the best bacon, lamb, and beef in the world. Stay along the coast and enjoy freshly landed seafood. As a solo traveler, you will be made to feel part of the lively local social scene.

Brandon Bay in County Kerry
Fly to Ireland

7. Ireland is Beautiful

Solo travelers want to be here to explore the stunning rural scenery and distinctive landscape. You can cycle or hike across mountaintops, dive in the sea, sail over lakes or just sit quietly with a glass of Guinness and take it all in. Ireland is an invigorating destination and a great place to spend some time on your own.

Solo Travel to Ireland

Ireland is an island to the west of the United Kingdom and Europe, the first landmass you will reach when flying across the Atlantic from many destinations in the United States. Business and personal links between the two countries, plus the popular tourism market, means there are regular flights to Ireland and lots of options for cheap flights.

Airlines that fly from the United States to Ireland include Delta, British Airways, and Aer Lingus. These airlines usually fly into the main international airport in Ireland, Dublin. However, Shannon is also popular with transatlantic flights.