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Southwest Travel Funds

Whether you've canceled past flights or have received gift cards for travel on Southwest, it's possible that you have some Southwest travel funds lying around. Though it's clear that this money is valuable, especially if you've got upcoming travel plans, specific terms and conditions can be less than clear.


Continue reading to learn more about how to make the most of the funds you have available for flights on Southwest, whether that’s in the form of Southwest gift cards or another medium. Planning to travel via plane? Input your flight details in the box above to search Skyscanner for the best flights across all airlines!

What Are Southwest Travel Funds?

Southwest travel funds can come from three main sources. Two of these often take the form of physical media: a Southwest LUV Voucher, which you sometimes receive for delays or other flight inconveniences; and Southwest gift cards, which friends and family can give to you as a gift.

Another instance in which you can get Southwest travel funds is by canceling a flight at least 10 minutes before departure. Since Southwest doesn’t charge cancellation fees as of August 2019, you’ll be able to use the entire cost of your ticket toward the purchase of another one.

How to Check Your Southwest Travel Funds Balance

Whether you have a Southwest LUV Voucher, a gift card, or have recently canceled a flight, it’s important to know exactly how much funds you have to spend. While some travelers will simply input their voucher or gift card number at check-out, you don’t need to make a purchase in order to check how much you have available.

Rather, you can visit the “Check Travel Funds” page on the Southwest Airlines website. Once there, you can enter your first name, last name, and confirmation number of any canceled reservation. Or you can click the text that says “Check Southwest LUV Voucher” or “Check Southwest gift card” to see how much money you have left to spend on either.

Travel Credit for Other Major US Airlines

American Airlines

If you cancel a flight on American Airlines, you may be able to use the funds for future travel, provided you have more available than the cancellation fee you agreed to at the time of booking. Terms are more favorable to the customer for vouchers you receive (for example, in the instance you’re denied boarding on an overbooked flight), though these are paper vouchers and can be inconvenient to use.

Delta Airlines

Delta issues a variety of digital and paper travel vouchers, some of which may be used on Air France and KLM (the airline’s joint-venture partners, in addition to Delta). Funds procured after flight cancellation, meanwhile, are subject to the cancellation fee specified in the terms and conditions of your flight.

United Airlines

When it comes to travel vouchers issued by the airline, United has one feature that separates it from American and Delta: You can go to United Airlines website and convert paper vouchers to electronic ones. Like Delta and American, however, usage of funds from canceled travel is subject to cancellation fees, which can be hefty.

Can Other People Use My Southwest Travel Funds?

While Southwest gift cards can be used to pay for anyone’s travel, funds from a canceled flight can only be used to purchase travel for the same person as the original reservation. This is in line with Southwest’s longstanding policy of forbidding name changes on travel reservations.

For Southwest Luv Vouchers, the policy is a little less universal, since the airline sometimes issues these for families traveling together. If you’re unclear about yours, feel free to reach out to Southwest on social media, or call them at 1-800-435-9792.

Do Southwest Travel Funds Expire?

For a Southwest LUV Voucher or a Southwest gift card, the expiration date of these funds is noted on the physical media, and varies depending on the date of purchase and the circumstances of issue. You can also check this by using the Check Travel Funds page and inputting your appropriate details.

For credit from a canceled flight, on the other hand, these funds are available one year from the initial date of ticket issuance. If you don’t remember this date, don’t worry: you can also verify this on the Southwest website to make sure you don’t lose out on your valuable funds.


The topic of Southwest travel funds is easy to understand once you read a bit more of the fine print we laid out in this article. While most travelers procure Southwest travel funds when they cancel tickets, others can receive Southwest gift cards from friends and family or courtesy Southwest Luv Vouchers from the airline themselves. When in doubt, visit Southwest’s website to learn how much travel funds you have available, and when they expire. Input your travel details below to search Skyscanner for the best prices on all airlines’ flights, including Southwest.👇