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Travel News Guide to the Spirit $9 Fare Club 2019

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Guide to the Spirit $9 Fare Club 2019

Save on baggage fees, fare sales, and ticket prices with Spirit's $9 Fare Club. Find out more and see if this fare club can help you save more on your next flight.

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Here are the highlights on Spirit’s $9 Fare Club (more information is included below for each point):

  1. Filter your flight search on Skyscanner for Spirit Airlines (see how below!)
  2. Bookings made through Skyscanner on Spirit Airlines are eligible for $9 Fare Club savings.
  3. The Spirit $9 Fare Club costs $60 for the first year and $70 thereafter.
  4. The program saves you money on bag fees, airfares, and other benefits.
  5. Members save an average of $75 per booking with the $9 Fare Club.
  6. The $9 Fare Club is most beneficial to frequent Spirit flyers.

The Spirit Air $9 Fare Club provides you with discounts on Spirit Airlines baggage fees and access to the lowest fares they have available. There are also a number of deals that are exclusive to members of the club.

The cost is $60 for the first year and $70 for subsequent renewals. It’s possible to offset the enrollment cost in as little as one booking and you’ll gain savings with every Spirit Airlines check-in.

How to Filter Skyscanner Results for Spirit 

Filter Search Results on

  1. After searching for your travel dates, origin, and destination, scroll down the flight-results screen.
  2. On the left-hand Side or after selecting “Filter” at the top left of the results, you will see different filters, including a section titled “Airlines”.
  3. Under “Airlines,” you can “clear all” and then select Spirit as the desired carrier. 

Filter Search Results on the Skyscanner App

The Skyscanner App makes it easy to filter flight results to include only Spirit Airlines. To search on the App:

  1. Tap on “Flights” and enter your origin, destination, and dates in the search boxes.
  2. Below the search boxes (on the right-hand side), click on “Filter”.
  3. Click on the “Airlines” box
  4. At the bottom of the screen, “Deselect All” and toggle on only the tab next to Spirit.
  5. Click “Back” and make sure to hit “Apply” on the upper-right of the screen.

Spirit $9 Fare Club Details

According to Spirit Airlines, the program has helped their customers save millions of dollars on travel expenses.

Subscription Renewal: The subscription to the fare club is automatically renewed each year. Spirit provides a month’s notice before charging the credit card that they have on file. The monthly notice will remind you of all the savings benefits you have access to as a member of the $9 Fare Club.

Average Savings: According to Spirit Airlines, the program helps members save $75 per booking, on average.

The airline has also been known to offer a trial membership starting at $20 for the first two months in some markets. Members typically receive lower prices on fare sales offers and save over $11 per passenger per direction. Members also receive a $9 discount for each bag, per flight. This added benefit helps individuals save at least another $18 on each round trip.

Key Benefits of the $9 Fare Club

  • Spirit’s $9 fare club members get access to exclusive vacation packages.
  • The ability to extend your savings to up to 8 other people on your travel itinerary.
  • Many passengers are able to offset the annual membership fees of the program with the first booking.
  • If you book flights with Skyscanner on a particular route, consider if there may be extra benefits when joining the Spirit $9 Fare Club.

Spirit $9 Fare Club Baggage Benefits

The $9 Fare Club also saves members as much as 50% on Spirit Airlines fees for baggage. The stated discount is based on the baggage fee you would otherwise be expected to pay at the airport or boarding gate—you won’t get 50% off the rate the website quotes you at booking.

If you want to add baggage after booking but before you travel, make sure to provide your $9 Fare Club member number to the customer service agent who handles your request.

$9 Fare Club Cancellation Information

How to Cancel: According to Spirit Airlines reviews, some people have had difficulty canceling their subscription to the program. In order to cancel the program before the automatic renewal date, Spirit must receive a cancellation notice in written form.

The renewal of the annual membership to the $9 Fare Club must be canceled before the expiration date, and once it’s been charged, it’s nonrefundable. The trial membership can only be bought with airfare and used on the next flight reservation.

You Lose Benefits Immediately: Access to the benefits are terminated as soon as the membership cancellation is completed. So when you unsubscribe from the $9 Fare Club early, you lose the money invested and the time remaining left you had in the program. Waiting until the last month of the subscription may be the best strategy for un-enrollment.

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