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Spring Break Flight Deals 2019 and Best Time to Book

Spring Break is one of the best times to travel with many college students wondering where to go for Spring Break and when to book Spring Break flight deals? Skyscanner has compiled a list of the best Spring Break destinations and cheap flights for you! Use this page as your complete guide with travel hacks and tips to help you book your vacation with Skyscanner.

Cheap Spring Break Flights Finder

To book Spring Break flight deals follow these steps using the Skyscanner flight finder below.

  • Enter your home airport to begin your search for all available Spring Break flight deals
  • Modify the date to suit your travel plans or dates of your college vacation
  • Enter “Everywhere” in the box marked To and search to see the cheapest Spring Break flight deals right now, sorted by price.  

School will soon be out for Spring Break 2019. Book a flight deal now and travel somewhere to take a rest from study, party, hit the beach or visit top attractions for a few days.

Skyscanner’s College Spring Break Vacation Planner

Need some Spring Break travel deal inspiration? We’ve got you covered. From the top Spring Break destinations for 2019, like South Carolina or Miami, to the best time to book your flights, here’s what you need to know.

Fun Facts: Finding Cheap Spring Break Flights

Best Savings 8 weeks out for domestic flights and 12 weeks out for international flights (7% savings for both)
Best Month to Book
December for domestic flights (6% savings)  and October for international flights (7% savings).
Worst Savings One to two weeks before your travel dates.
Average Lead Time 49 days out

When is the Best Time to Book Spring Break Flights?

Here at Skyscanner , we studied our data to discover the best time to book Spring Break flights so you can get a deal. These findings are based on flight search data from 03-09-2018 to 03-29-2018.

While data may change for 2019 we believe that the results will give travelers a strong insight as to when to book to get the best prices based on the destinations they want to go. Ready? Here’s what you need to know to get the best deal when booking your Spring Break flights for 2019.

The Best Time to Book Domestic Spring Break Flight Deals

According to our data, to get the cheapest Spring Break flight deals your best bet is to book during the month of December.

Spring Break flights booked during this month are an average of 6% cheaper than flights booking at other times. If you really want to score a deal, be more precise and book 8 weeks before your preferred travel time. This sees an average of 7% in savings compared to Spring Break flight deals booked during other weeks.

The Best Time to Book International Spring Break Flights

If you are looking to travel internationally for your Spring Break then you will want to book your flights much earlier.

According to our data, the cheapest month to book your international Spring Break flight deal is in October. Booking during October will reward you with about 7% in savings. Specifically, booking 21 weeks in advance is your best bet at seeing that 7% in savings

How Much Does a Spring Break Flight Cost?

Skyscanner data combining searches for both domestic and international spring break flight deals show that the average price paid for a spring break flight is $602. If you are traveling domestically, you will no doubt be able to find cheaper flights. 

The Top Domestic Spring Break Destinations for 2019

Our top Spring Break destinations are based on the trends we’ve been seeing in our search traffic. These are the most popular and cheapest domestic Spring Break destinations.


Spring Break is all about letting loose and nowhere loosens up quite like Miami. The people-watching during the day and night is unparalleled, the beach is hot, and the nightlife is steamy (to say the least). Miami is also a great place to party as many of the resorts and hotels offering their own nightlife and entertainment options.

Beyond the boardwalk and beaches, Miami’s appeal is in its incredible culinary scene and endless opportunities for outdoor activities, such as touring the Everglades, kayaking Biscayne Bay, and fishing. Find the best flight deals to Miami. 

New York City

New York City is a popular destination year-round, and Spring Break is no exception. Window shop down 5th avenue, catch a Broadway show or check out the artwork at the MET. It may not be warm and sunny, but New York City always promises a good time. Find cheap flight to NYC!


Spring break flight deal planning often starts with finding the best beaches! Orlando is a popular Spring Break spot thanks to its sunshine and outdoor entertainment.

Whether you’re more interested in bringing your Mickey Mouse ears or your golf clubs, Orlando has the best of everything. Kayak, shop, spend the day at Epcot or Universal Studios, there are countless options for sunny activities in Orlando. Book your Spring Break flight to Orlando.

Las Vegas

Pool parties at the lavish resorts, famous DJs, hypnotic nightclubs, gambling, and an energy unlike anywhere else: this is Las Vegas, Nevada. Poolside in Vegas is the perfect place for (over 21) Spring Breakers looking to keep what happens in Vegas… you know the rest.

It’s more than just a saying— it’s a mentality perfect for a Spring Break away from the pressures of “real life”. It’s worth noting that Vegas has equally exciting options for those more interested in seeing shows and exploring exhibitions. Search for flight deals for Las Vegas.

Los Angeles

Soak up some sun and maybe spot some celebrities by heading to Los Angeles for your Spring Break. You can spend your time on the beach, dance the night away at the coolest clubs, and even take a couple of day trips to nearby Palm Beach, Laguna Springs, and more! If you are looking for a sunny, warm place to party then Los Angeles is a great pick for Spring Break. Find cheap flights to Los Angeles. 

The Top International Spring Break Destinations for 2019

Looking to go a bit further abroad for your Spring Break? We’ve got you covered. These are the most popular and cheapest international destinations for Spring Break 2019. 

Cancun, Mexico

Would it be Spring Break without  mention of Cancun, Mexico? We don’t think so. Cancun is the classic Spring Break Destination with beaches, parties, and more. It’s not too far away and you can normally get some pretty good deals. Plus, it’s a popular Spring Break destination for all of North America, meaning you’ll likely get the chance to meet lots of new people. Search for cheap flights to Cancun now! 

London, England

If you’re more into gin and tonics than fruity cocktails perhaps you’d prefer to spend your Spring Break inside London’s historical pubs than on a sunny beach somewhere. Pack a few sweaters and you’ll be set to see the sites across the pond. A week is the perfect amount of time to experience all of London’s most popular attractions. Wander Hyde Park, marvel at Big Ben, and indulge in some typical English cuisine (and curry!) and come back slightly more cultured than your beach-going friends. Find cheap flights to London!

Bangkok, Thailand

The cost of a stay in Thailand will offset the slightly more expensive flights and the experiences you’ll have will make the long journey worth it. You’ll forget all about the long flight with the first bite of Pad Thai or a glimpse of the Thai islands. Hop a short flight to one of Thailand’s island paradises or spend the week wandering Bangkok’s streets. Bangkok’s Khao San Road is a Mecca for young travelers and the anything-goes vibe (think buckets of booze and grilled scorpions on sticks) fits perfectly with the Spring Break mentality. Book your Spring Break flights to Bangkok!

Dublin, Ireland

If you are looking to drink and party but experience a culture outside of your own, then Dublin is the perfect pick for Spring Break. Irish pubs are legendary, the people are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful. Plus, it’s only a five-hour flight from the east coast allowing you a great international experience without wasting too much time on travel. Find the best deals on flights to Ireland.

Paris, France

If you have always dreamed about visiting Paris, then Spring Break is the perfect time. It’s low season in the city which means fewer tourists and better prices. You’ll want to bundle up for your stroll along the Seine, but Paris is beautiful no matter the weather. Explore world famous museums, drink warm coffee in cafes, and feast on baguettes, croissants, cheese, and more! Search for cheap Spring Break Flights to Paris. 


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